muster - Answered a Question by Muirhead (30 Jul 08 21:14)

Yep we are going and we have children!!!!!!!! Beware. It is clearly denoted as a family friendly cruise in the brochure and it's school holidays. It costs us a fortune to take holidays now rather than take the children out of school so we expect respect! Don't worry our two are very good and looking forward to dressing up - something they don't often get the chance too. My daughter has wanted to visit norway for years, so it's a choice of hers as much as ours.

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muster - replied to muster (30 Jul 08 21:27)

Let me add to that because it doesn't read very well! I meant it all tounge in cheek. FO are never child free boats it's just they don't tend to offer facilities for them so children are generally less in number. I understand hosts will be on board so you'll probably not find any of them any trouble at all. I can't imagine lager louts picking a fjord cruise with FO either. I am surprised you didn't know it was a family cruise but accept you may have booked separately from us - we used the FO brochure.

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berry - Answered a Question by Muirhead (30 Jul 08 21:29)

We booked this cruise for the same dates, Our children have now grown up however those that want child free cruises hopefully would not have booked this cruise in the first place.

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Muirhead - Answered a Question by Muirhead (30 Jul 08 21:48)

Thank you for your comments, I would have expected Cruise Deals to have all the correct information on their ad. and so booked this cruise I'm afraid I don't do brochures - I work in a school and whilst I know all children will be and I am sure always are on their best behaviour. It will be a great trip for them and I feel cheered by your comments, but would still prefer to be child free!!

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