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Way - Answered a Question by ERIKSEN (12 Nov 08 16:36)

We had a similar experience on the Oriana. We booked on part of the world cruise for Jan 09, were given a cabin which was totally uunsuitable and P&O totally ignored our request to move us. They also refused to transfer our deposit to the next world cruise as deposits are only transferable if all their criteria are met - ie the cruise has to be MORE EXPENSIVE (WHY), it has to be within 6 months of the original cruise, AND longer in length! How ridiculours All the cruises of longer length were booked up and we were unable to get any reply at all from P&O with a compromise. They did not have the courtesy to contact us despite many e-mails to their customer service. Totally unacceptable for such a previously prestigious company. We cancelled the whole cruise and lost all our deposit. We will never cruise with them again - they have definitely lost the plot.

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Eriksen - replied to Way (13 Nov 08 08:04)

Thnks so much for your reply,we are going on a longer cruise 27 days(2 cruises B toB)as opposed to original booking of 3 days also more expensive and 13 days earlier. So it would appear as if all criteria have been met.This is however our 2nd change of booking and it would appear that this is the reason for us loosing the deposit,but im going to appeal to them based on this new criteria which you have given to me.It really does seem unfair esp as we are now additionally booking for my parents in law.

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durnford - Answered a Question by ERIKSEN (09 Jan 09 13:43)

Just to let you know that if it is the second time you are altering the booking they will do this. I was told yesterday that you are allowed 1 change to your booking. We were booked for a cruise Feb 2010 and had to change this when we phoned P&O (originally some 3 months ago we were told that it had to be within 6 months)now we were told that as long as it was our first change we could choose another date within 12months(as long as it is not a world cruise) of the departure of the cruise we booked and as long as it is higher value(only has to be a £1 difference) then we could do this, and pay a total of £100 admin fee(£50 each). Hope this helps.

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