wilde - Answered a Question by White (05 Aug 08 11:11)

Hi ive never been on independence of the seas but !! we are also booked on the same cruise in sept (may meet you at the meet and mingle party )but from conversatations ive had they always say the middle of the ship is best, we are on deck 8 at the front in a cabin with balcony and again ive spoken with someone who said they had been in a nearby cabin and noise wasnt a problem hey whatever im sure we will all enjoy our cruise and for the weather well thats in the hands of god but again normally the med is ok until late october and we will be back in southampton on the 4th have fun happy cruisin and see you around steve n karen x.

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Wilba - Answered a Question by White (05 Aug 08 11:19)

The weather in the med is generally good at that time of year, still very warm & even hot. As for engine noise on the Modern Mega's it's barely audible. The propulsion units are diesel/electric ie the propellers are driven by electric motors. When people refer to the noise on the rear decks & anchor noise, they are relating to the 'old tubs' & converted car ferries at the other end of the market. I have not been on the 'Indy' but RCI inside cabins are similar in size on all their 'big ships' & as good a standard, if not better than most lines.

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Wilkie - Answered a Question by White (05 Aug 08 11:57)

After due consideration I would say that a cabin at the back is better for the following reasons; When leaving the cabin you are going to 1) breakfast, 2) dinner, 3) the pool 4) ashore. The Windjammer and dining room are both at the back of the ship, the pools are in the middle, there are disembarking points at both ends. So, on balance, there is probably less walking if you are at the back. The library, where you can pick up the daily news sheet when you go to breakfast (and trivia quiz, sudoku) is also at the rear lifts. The entertainment venues are at the front and you don't tend to go to them straight from your cabin. Noise is not a problem on Indy, and certainly not on deck 7, (where we were). Inside cabins are fine, we only sleep and wash/change in our cabin and atually prefer the pitch darkness you get in an inside.

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Wilba - replied to Wilkie (05 Aug 08 12:55)

Damn good answer that. I'd forgotten we always choose next to the rear stairwell to be in a vertical line with the eateries.

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Tunks - Answered a Question by White (05 Aug 08 13:50)

I was on Independence in June. I would always pick the middle but, as you don't seem to have much of a choice, I would go for the back for the reasons that Mr Wilkie says. We've never had any trouble with noise - and we've been on Deck 8. Next year we're booked for Deck 6 which might pick up some noise from the Promenade at night - but c'est la vie! Do make sure you go to both Ice Shows - they're absolutely fantastic. "The Quest" is hilarious. Graham Seymour's stand-up show (after midnight) is hysterical so long as you're VERY broad-minded. We did have some bad weather coming home from Portugal to Vigo and then back up to Southampton. It was the tail end of a storm that went through Europe during the European Cup! Just be aware that the ship can move a bit if it's very windy but it's all bearable. What seemed to make it worse to some of our fellow passengers is that all the wood on board creaks - so it actually sounds worse than it really is. If you should hit any really windy weather, try sitting outside on Deck 4 in the fresh air - it's reasonably stable there and you can take your food/drink out there too if you prefer. However Captain Teo will certainly tell you when you sail from each port what the weather and the sea state will be like for the next 12 hours or so, so you will be well informed. A couple we met on our cruise have regularly been to the Canaries every October and say that the Atlantic is like a mill-pond at that time of year - I think you'll be OK. Check the TV (I think it's channel 17) which gives you the ship's position and any wind speed. Have a wonderful cruise - you'll never want to holiday any other way again (cliche but true). Roll on next May for me! Regards, Alison.

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White - replied to Tunks (06 Aug 08 10:37)

Thanks very much for that. Hopefully booking today for a cabin at the back following everyones comments. Will book for the meet and mingle party seen as though we are 'virgin' cruisers. Would you recommend paying for tips up front or just on board? I was told if i don't intend using the main restaurants much it's cheaper to pay on board rather than £78pp before we go.

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Tunks - replied to White (07 Aug 08 08:24)

Well that's what we do! I just take dollars in cash with me. On the last day of the cruise you will miraculously find little envelopes appear on your bed for all the staff. We just put an appropriate amount for our stateroom attendant and for the Windjammer staff. RCI seem to have started putting out a box in front of the Windjammer for the tips, so I guess a lot of people have asked for that. At least if you pay cash, the tips get to the people you really want them to go to. Enjoy!

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Lewis - Answered a Question by White (05 Aug 08 19:32)

We are going on this cruise as well, on Deck nine towards the rear, as it was a last minute booking. We always go for mid-ship and rear if by choice. We were on the Freedom of the Seas in January and in smilar cabin position on Deck nine and the ship was extremely comfortable. We did not experience any noise to worry about, have never heard the anchor drop and this is our 21st Cruise. These bigger ships are wider and seem to have a better displacement when sailing. Dont worry if should be ok as long as the Bay of Biscay if calm!!! The inside cabins are smaller if your are more than two people.

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Aldrich - Answered a Question by White (05 Aug 08 19:45)

Another vote for the aft (that is the back) I always book cabins there - much larger balconies and no passing passengers. No you do not hear the 'engines' on these modern cruise ships!!!! Have you signed up for the meet and mingle party?

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