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Cruise Answers - Question: We are booked to go on the Artemis on th... by McMurray, Potters Bar

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Norwegian Star

OVERVIEW: Many more choices, including lots of dining options, add up to a very attractive package, particularly suitable for families with children, in a very contemporary floating leisure center that really does provide ample facilities for enjoyment.

Thomson Celebration

OVERVIEW: This ship suits adult couples and singles taking their first or second cruise, seeking a modern but not glitzy ship, a middle-of-the-road lifestyle, and food and entertainment that’s not fancy. It is exclusively chartered by Thomson Cruises, so most passengers will be British, typically ov

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My first cruise
P&O  / Artemis /

By Parsons, Bristol on 31st Jul 2013
Never having cruised before my very good friend persuaded me to try a mini cruise to Bruges. In the end there were 10 of us who went on the cruise. I had to share a cabin with 2 others which was not as bad as expected because we all had a hilarious time...  Read More >>
Caribbean on the Azura
P&O  / Artemis /

By Clarkson, Ossett on 22nd May 2013
Our second crusie on the Artemis was in February this year, it was great to get away from our horrible winter weather and get some sun. Our British Airways flight to Barbados was comfortable but the crew were not very friendly,it was supposed to be a...  Read More >>
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We are booked to go on the Artemis on the 4th July to Norway and are in cabin E219. Does anyone know if that is a good place to be?
Submitted by - , Potters Bar - United Kingdom / Subject - P&O Cruises norwegian fjords Cabins
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Comment by , Spalding (25 May 10 12:13) about a QUESTION by McMurray (24 May 10 15:39)
We were about to book half a world cruise for Feb 2011 and for the first time ever we looked at the feedback and as this engine trouble seems to be ongoing since about last July so we have chickened out and decided to wait for another itinerary we fancy on another ship to come along! Which is a great pity as we really fancied this particular cruise. Don't P&O realise they are losing money and customers by not biting the bullet and paying for the engine to be replaced or repaired properly!!
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Comment by , Potters Bar (24 May 10 21:13) about a QUESTION by McMurray (24 May 10 15:39)
Thank you for your comments. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the engine faults are rectified in time for a perfect cruise. I wouldn't cancel but just wondered if we were likely to experience noisy engines. I will look out for a Mike!
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Comment by , Birmingham (24 May 10 16:16) about a QUESTION by McMurray (24 May 10 15:39)
Might get a bit noisy on a port day, especially if the ship is parked port side on*, otherwise it should be easy to find. *If they haven't fixed the engine by then there won't be so many port days :-(
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Answer by , Scotland (24 May 10 16:14) to a QUESTION by McMurray (24 May 10 15:39)
And what would you do if the answer came back "no, it's not"? Cancel? That's why it's better not to ask the question in the first place at this late stage. Anyway, I'm sure you'll be fine there - it's along from reception and the Atrium so you'll be close to the "hub" of things. My concern (I'm on the same cruise) is whether or not we complete the itinerary as planned. If you've had an eye on the recent reviews you'll be aware that the Artemis has been experiencing trouble with one of it's engines and it's slower speed has meant missing out or shorter periods at ports of calls. We just need to keep our fingers crossed that it's not a cloudy sky that prevents us experiencing the midnight sun. Every time I sit chatting to someone on board I'll be wondering if I'm talking to McMurray! Regards......Mike.
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