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Crown Princess

OVERVIEW: Crown Princessis a grand resort playground, and Princess Cruises delivers a consistently fine, well-packaged product, always with a good degree of style, at a competitive price. With many choices and ‘small’ rooms (a relative term) to enjoy, the ship has been extremely well designed, and t


OVERVIEW: An AIDA Cruise is for youthful German-speaking couples, singles, and particularly families seeking good value for money in a party-like environment, with excellent entertainment. This is all about über-casual cruising, with two main self-serve buffet restaurants instead of the traditional

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Dubrovnik marina

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Dubrovnik marina
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Anyone stayed in a restricted view balcony cabin on Queen Mary 2?
How obstructed is the view when sitting?
Submitted by - Bleazard, Clitheroe - United Kingdom on 16th Jul 2010 / Subject - Cunard Cruises Cabins
9 answers, 3141 views
Answer by Prinsloo, Betty`s Bay (20 Jul 10 09:56) to a QUESTION by Bleazard (16 Jul 10 17:17)
I asked the same question about restricted view in B2 grade. The best answer I got was from a fellow cruiser who actually sent me a clip taken from such a cabin. It clearly shows that you will not have a sea view when sitting on the deckchair. problem. The picture also clearly shows how spacious the cabin is. What I particularly like is the option of leaving the cabin door open at night without too much of a breeze bothering. Hope it helps
20 Jul 10 09:56 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Shelley, Orpington (19 Jul 10 13:12) about a QUESTION by Bleazard (16 Jul 10 17:17)
I was in Cabin 8007 and had a clear view, but the cabins on the same deck had lifeboats restricting their view. I know this because when we walked past some of the cabin doors that were open for cleaning it gave us quite a start to see the lifeboats hanging from the other side of the balcony. So the answer is, depends on which cabin number you have, but yes if you sit down on the Balcony and are on deck 8 you won't be able to see much. The lifeboats hang above 7th Deck (which is the promanade deck) and tied at 8th Deck. We paid more for our balcony cabin so we had an unobstructed view so we already knew what we were getting before we got on her.
19 Jul 10 13:12 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Bob, Peterborough (17 Jul 10 16:14) about a QUESTION by Bleazard (16 Jul 10 17:17)
Did you mean a sheltered balcony? If so then this is in the hull of the ship and the balcony rail is about four feet above the floor. Below this you will only see white painted steel of the hull. Hope this is of some help..........Bob
17 Jul 10 16:14 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Bleazard, Clitheroe (18 Jul 10 10:28) about a COMMENT by Bob (17 Jul 10 16:14)
The agent said the view was obstructed to about rail hight, so no view when sitting down, could be as you say, part of the hull. Even at £1399 for 12 days it would be nice to have a view from your balcony whilst sitting. Thanks for your feedback Bob.
18 Jul 10 10:28 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Cox, Winscombe (19 Jul 10 13:07) about a COMMENT by Bleazard (18 Jul 10 10:28)
Hi Bob. It may be that the balcony has a Metal front to it rater than a Glass one.
19 Jul 10 13:07 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Kennedy, Lewis (16 Jul 10 19:44) about a QUESTION by Bleazard (16 Jul 10 17:17)
It all depends where your cabin is placed - if you happen to have cabin between two lifeboats it gives you more view. You can usually make out from the brochure as your cabin number will give you a good indication of where your cabin is placed and whether it is directly in front of a lifeboat or between two lifeboats. Hope you enjoy your cruise. Queen Mary 2 is great and food is fantastic - typical of Cunard. We sailed on her in 2004 and were in a Junior Balcony suite. Enjoyed it immensely. Good Luck. Kennedy, Lewis.
16 Jul 10 19:44 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Cox, Winscombe (17 Jul 10 14:45) about a COMMENT by Kennedy (16 Jul 10 19:44)
I did not think that you could have a Balcony Cabin between the Lifeboats, seems silly to me. Certainly have never seen one on all of my Cruises so far, even on Cunard. Is this something new?
17 Jul 10 14:45 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Kennedy, Lewis (17 Jul 10 21:22) about a COMMENT by Cox (17 Jul 10 14:45)
Sorry, thought Bleazard meant an outside cabin. No you would not have Lifeboats in front of a Balcony Cabin.
17 Jul 10 21:22 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Baker, Paignton (20 Jul 10 17:15) about a COMMENT by Kennedy (17 Jul 10 21:22)
Travelled on the QM2 in January, we had a Balcony Cabin and it did indeed have a lifeboat outside so the the view was fairly poor, have also stayed in a sheltered cabin which is much better but with no view when sitting.
20 Jul 10 17:15 - Reply - Was this comment useful?

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