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Your Cruise Questions ANSWERED!
Teresa Esberger's blog

2016 What a busy year !

By Teresa Esberger

This year has definitely confirmed my decision to join was the best one ever !! Take a look at what I have been up toApril 2016 started with an overnight stay on Ovation of the seas What an amazing ship, way too short though the year continued to get betterMay 2016This time 3 nights on the Caribbean Princess (i have done the Emerald in April on my own holiday!) Treated well with a balcony this time tooJune 2016A short taste of Azamara out of Southampton to Amsterdam More in June...

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Oct 23 2016 05:52PM

Caught out with invalid travel...

By Abbi Varela

Abbi Varela's blog

It has to be your worst nightmare, taken ill on your cruise to find out that the insurance you thought was in place actually isn’t at all. This is what happened to one of my customers on their cruise. He and his wife assumed the travel insurance policy they had always been covered with was still valid and up to date, only to find out when his wife was taken ill and admitted to a foreign hospital that in fact it wasn’t and they were not going to pay for her treatment or stay in hos...

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Oct 27 2016 08:40PM

Cruise Lines Private Islands ...

By Sam Smith

Sam Smith's blog

I read an article recently about private islands, specifically those only accessible by cruise ship and I found myself thinking about the worth or merit of such places in the context of travel.While you may think private island hideaways are only the playgrounds of Russian oligarchs, multi-billionaire businessmen and royalty, there are such places accessible to mere mortals like ourselves for the price of a 7 night Caribbean cruise holiday. A few examples..Great Stirrup Cay the BahamasV...

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Oct 27 2016 06:35PM