BLYTH - Answered a Question by Wilba (12 Jan 09 18:02)

Hi Wilba this was before todays latest, but perhaps they knew it was going to be aired "P & O latest policy decision "We have recently updated our policy on the responsible serving of alcohol and we reserve the right to confiscate alcohol at the gangway should the need arise. It is not our intention to invoke this policy as a matter of course and we will implement it only on occasions where we consider it is likely that the health, comfort, safety and enjoyment of passengers may otherwise be compromised." ..Bill.

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Wilba - replied to BLYTH (12 Jan 09 18:46)

Yes I did pick up on their announcement but I think they now ought to seriously consider a 'tough no nonsense security' company as per the American lines.......Regards Wilba .

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Bradbury - Answered a Question by Wilba (12 Jan 09 18:05)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The cruise companies have created this yob culture problem themselves, with the likes of Ocean Village -The cruise line for people that don’t do cruises. ( Sorry I’ll apologise in advance to the decent people who cruise on Ocean Village etc). BUT it has opened up the market to the Butlins/Ibiza crowd who now they’ve had a taste of this type of holiday, think they can go on a more up market cruise line and act like lager louts, with no sense of etiquette or manners and lack of respect for other peoples enjoyment. Yes, I’ve no doubt that along with many other cruise lines there will now be a total ban on taking any form of alcohol aboard ship. Such a shame for those of us who like to take a drink whilst getting ready for our evening meal or enjoying a quiet drink on the balcony. The Captain should have taken control and booted the problem makers off at the first stop, leaving them to their own devices. Just a hint for anyone who does want to listen to the playback – you need to pull the play bar along about 75% to 1.30.

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Williams - replied to Bradbury (12 Jan 09 22:08)

I have to say that I totally agree with every word you say. In order to protect oneself from the lager lout fraternity one now has to pay to go on one of the upmarket cruise lines. If one says this out loud one is accused of being a snob which I certainly am not. However I do remember when P&O was an excellent cruise line but after what I experienced on one cruise several years ago, I will never cruise with them again. I found out later that the problems were created by tour groups who arrived in coaches at the quayside on holidays organised by regional newspapers and small travel companies at very low prices. There was no consideration for anybody on board or the norms of cruising and it spoilt the holiday for most on board who could not help to observe the behaviour. The attitude was we're as good as you and why should we have to dress for dinner, it's our holiday. It probably is a comment on a wider society issue which many people are insulated against but they cannot help but observe it in the narrow confines of a cruise ship. If I am accussed of being a snob for saying what I think, so be it !!!

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James - replied to Williams (13 Jan 09 00:54)

Oh dear, I most definitely agree respect for other passengers appears sadly to be at an all time low and I do not consider it snobbery to show respect for traditional cruise etiquette, I fear the issues may become blurred. My husband although respective of dress code on formal cruises prefers informal cruising, he likes to relax and get away from the normal things he has to do at home which includes adoring suits and dinner suits. He feels comfortable in a smart shirt and trousers; it does not mean that because he is dressed casually his personality changes to resemble as you describe a member of the lager lout fraternity, nor does he find unacceptable behaviour tolerable. I fear that dress is rapidly becoming associated with behaviour, if one finds it preferable to dress informally there a generalisation this also implies disrespectful inappropriate behaviour towards others, which is most unfair and most often untrue I have also met many lovely passengers on a once in a life time cruise or those who could not believe their luck in finding a bargain late deal, who have loved every moment of embracing cruising traditions. These are not as fortunate as some of us and would never afford to be able to cruise again, but their memories will remain with them forever. I feel it is harsh to generalise that those whose financial circumstances are not as affluent as others there is a presumption of behaving disrespectfully. Any concept of formal cruising being beyond the pocket of the lager lout fraternity is outdated; they appear to be getting everywhere Perhaps it may be appropriate as you suggest for us to look to society as a whole for the reason respect is rapidly declining overall, and not make generalisations regarding a person preferring informal dress where appropriate or inability to afford formal cruising on a regular basis automatically means they are a member of the lager lout fraternity, and cannot behave respectfully towards others .

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Cooke - replied to James (13 Jan 09 08:25)

There is a world of difference between well pressed slacks and clean polo shirt, and ripped jeans and t-shirts with offensive designs. Anyone who objects to shorts in the restaurant (I do) and who finds other people's unsupervised children a problem (I do) and doesn't want edge to edge sunbeds (I don't) has no business aboard Ventura. I will stick to my 'small ships', but I don't begrudge people enjoying Ventura if that is their 'thing'. Ventura has a target market and it isn't me. People who don't like the way P & O do things on Ventura should stay away.

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Williams - replied to James (14 Jan 09 00:30)

I totally accept and agree with the points you are making. It certainly is not about people preferring informal dress but about levels of behaviour and respect for ones fellow passenger. If I have given you the wrong impression I apologise.

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Buck - replied to Bradbury (12 Jan 09 21:41)

This comment is in response to Mr Bradbury, Wilba and Blyth- regular contribitors to this website I believe. If I thought for one moment that your concern for 'declining standards' was aimed at 'yob culture', I might have some sympathy for your concerns. However I feel something more sinister lies behind your constant criticism of the clientel now frquenting PO cruises, i.e. you don't like ordinary working class people having access to what used to be available to the upper eschelons of society (or those who had pretensions to it). I say this because some of your comments are down right offensive and just because you have free speech doesn't mean you have the right to be abusive to people because they are not 'your kind of people' What is wrong with 'Butlins' people? Some of the comment on this site are so abusive it will probably put a lot of ordinary decent folks off cruising. Or perhaps that is your intention. I am not defending drunkeness, I drink very little myself and don't like being around drunken people. However I can assure you I have come across very drunken and rude 'posh' people on my three cruises - but of course they weren't 'chavs', 'yobs' 'Butlins' or 'Blackpool' types - so that's all right then.

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Wilba - replied to Buck (13 Jan 09 12:29)

Mr/Mrs Buck I have to defend my corner here as your presumption of me, either prevailing or a pretence to the upper echelons of society are laughable. The fact is, that I along with many other working class people have no sinister ulterior motives when criticizing the falling standards of behaviour that is now becoming a serious issue as quoted on national radio & the national press. I’ve been working class all my life & I’ve cruised all my life, but I can hold my head up with any member of society on board a cruise ship & the only people I condemn is the drunken yob culture irrespective of their family background, financial or social status. The hard facts are, that when you cheapen the product, you cheapen the culture that purchases it & the consequences are there for all to see. The long term prospect, if this continues, is that cruising as we know it will revert back to the days when it was only for the privileged & the cruise companies who pander to the this ‘new cruising culture’ will end up having to run their ships like a Faleraki Nightclub with teams of bouncers in every bar & police vans waiting at every port of call….Wilba.

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Bradbury - replied to Buck (13 Jan 09 12:56)

Firstly, let me correct you, I am very much female (Not Mr.) Secondly, I am a very ordinary working class person with what I hope, is a decent set of manners and dress standard. I like to go on cruises, because I like to have a couple of weeks a year when I am made to feel special, waited on, food prepared for me, and able to dress up in the evening – its all part of the cruising experience. It is this very yob culture as reported on the BBC2 Radio Programme yesterday (Ventura Xmas cruise) who tried to set fire to xmas trees/ started fights/left beer glasses and dirty plates on the stairs, etcetc who are spoiling it. You cannot tell me that this behaviour is acceptable and it is those type of people whom I am critisising. No these are not ‘my kind of people’ – I would definitely never deter nor try to put ordinary decent folk off cruising. Please tell me where I have been abusive?? If you think that labelling someone as Butlins type is abusive??? I apologise , but you have totally missed the point! I work very hard all year and look forward to my holidays, no-one wants to have to put up with bad behaviour by fellow passengers (or should I say yobs)!

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