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Middle East! Get Your Act Together!

By Freddie Moser

May 26 2017 09:26:08:000AM

Freddie Moser's blog

With all of the conflict happening in various parts of the Middle East, I can’t help thinking that they are missing out on a huge financial boost from tourism.Look at the success of places like Dubai, a haven in the middle of some of the most dangerous countries in the world right now. A place I have travelled to twice, both on a cruise, and as a holiday destination. It oozes quality, and has amazing weather to boot.But to the immediate North of Dubai, sits Iran, which shares its border...

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A Port guide to Le Havre

By Trevor Smith

May 26 2017 09:13:20:000AM

Trevor Smith's blog

I’ve done a couple of cruises now that visit Le Havre but on both occasions, I chose to stay on the ship and enjoy the facilities there. Next time I think I will get off and explore, weather permitting. Here is what I missed and what you could do when visiting this lovely French Town.A Taste Of Normandy Unlike the rest of France Normandy is blanketed in apple orchards instead of vineyards. For centuries these apples have been used to make a bubbly fermented cider and distilling that cid...

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For seats sake

By Nik Burling

May 26 2017 07:25:30:000AM

Nik Burling's blog

Greetings cruisersI know eh, It’s already been 2 weeks since I last posted, and it must feel like a lifetime for you all waiting for this next post !!!Anyways things are still crazy as ever, cruises are still being booked and it’s keeping me in a job, which I certainly appreciate. So once again I’m back to airlines, I just seem to be pulling my hair out with them more and more. I completely understand to keep their costs down they choose to cut corners and just annoy us for ...

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