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What No Kisses On My Pillow?!!

By Lily Canderton

Feb 16 2018 07:45:22:000PM

Lily Canderton's blog

10 years ago a tradition of the nightly turn down service on ships was a Chocolate Kiss on your pillow but this now seems to be a thing of the past according to a recently returned cruise passengerI hear all the time from passengers that ‘standards are not what they used to be’ with less and less being included and more and more being an added payable extra – Are cruise lines cutting corners just too much?Even the Berlitz Guide author commented that standards are slipping in...

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What do you know about Sarande...

By Hannah Wilson

Feb 16 2018 05:15:19:000PM

Hannah Wilson's blog

Holland America, P&O and MSC are just some of the cruise lines visiting the port of Sarande in Albania this summer season. I have to admit it’s a new one on me and I knew absolutely nothing about this port so I decided to do a bit of research which I am going to share with you, did you even know where it is? Me neither, and most people I mention it to don’t.So first things first, Sarande is in Albania, a coastal town on the Ionian Gulf, situated about 14 kilometres north of th...

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Do You Turn Left Or Right?

By Lesley Millward

Feb 16 2018 12:30:35:000PM

Lesley Millward's blog

Have you ever upgraded your flights from economy to either business or first class? You would be surprised at how many people do and the level of availability, believe it or not these classes of flights tend to sell very quickly. This week on TV there was a fabulous programme about first class travel with Singapore Airlines, all I can say is wow!Singapore Airlines have recently completed a half billion pound upgrade on their first class cabin and bought 5 new airbus’s costing 350 mill...

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