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MSC Will Match Your Loyalty Points With Your Favourite Cruise Line: Everything You Need To Know On The Groundbreaking Offer

MSC Will Match Your Loyalty Points With Your Favourite Cruise Line: Everything You Need To Know On The Groundbreaking Offer wuvuaqxdcvxuysxffcttwcbzfwyyq

MSC are offering guests a new and almost completely unprecedented scheme that is worth knowing about.

Guests may feel strongly about their loyalty to their favourite cruise lines but MSC are giving the option to take the loyalty level you have with one line, or any major hotel chain, and use it onboard MSC.

You’ll receive a comparable level for free on your first cruise in the MSC Voyager Club (along with receiving the status match card and a 5% discount for doing so!)

MSC know that your loyalty to one cruise line may be in spite of a few factors you wish were better, cheaper or more up to date, and trying out a new cruise line can be a daunting (and expensive) risk!

Plus, nobody likes to give up the loyalty points they have spent time, money and effort building up to see rewards and benefits as a result.

MSC Status Match is the answer to your problems; no other cruise line is offering anything like it.

It can be hard to move further up loyalty levels, but MSC want to guarantee you easier and better benefits of cruising with them.

That is why this new opportunity is so unique; being able to take your elevated status from your favourite line to another, slightly different, brand will help you to make the most of cruising without losing your rewards!

Top tier Black Card members will enjoy added benefits like priority boarding and disembarkation; late stateroom check-out; an invitation to a private Black Card member party; complimentary spumante with chocolate-dipped fruit; a free one-hour thermal area session in the MSC Aurea spa, and more…

Click here for the details on how to get started with the new Status Match scheme, whether you’re new to MSC or are already a current Voyagers Club member!


What do you think of MSC‘s new Status Match scheme? Would you want to transfer your loyalty points from your favourite line to MSC? What rewards have you already received? Which ship would you most want to sail with? Leave us your comments below…

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