Star Clippers

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Star Clippers


Star Clippers - Introduction

If a sailing experience, on board a cruise liner sounds like your dream holiday, then look no further than the magical Star Clippers cruises. Offering inspirational voyages across the seas and a completely unique cruising experience. As you set sail on your magnificent tall ship sailing journey, you'll be able to experience life on the oceans like never before.

Clearly, a Star Clippers cruise is not your ordinary cruise ship; in fact it's far from it. On a Star Clippers cruise, there are no strict schedules; guests are free to do as they wish with their time. Every day, your ship's Captain will give a daily briefing on deck, which is always informative, light hearted and gives you the chance to hear some great anecdotes.

The dining on a Star Clippers cruise is simply divine. Inspired chefs created an array of sensational cuisine from all corners of the earth. Sample the local delicacies and relax, unwind and sit with whoever you wish in the informal dining facilities.

For breakfast, enjoy a delightful array of continental treats. From fresh buttered croissants to toasted English muffins with a multitude of delicious Danish pastries to try. Alternatively, tuck into a full English breakfast, cooked fresh every day. At lunchtime, devour the incredible buffet with delicious seafood, salad and grilled meat.

In the evening, watch the ship's experienced and entertaining chefs cook your lavish meal before your very eyes with fabulous culinary presentations. Unlike most cruise ships; Star Clippers officers often join guests for evening meals. And there's no need to worry about forgetting your formal gown or bow tie - the dress code is 'casual elegance'.