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Princess cruises are a well-loved line that have been sailing the seas since 1965. They’re well known for being home to the TV show The Love Boat - but they’re also known for their fine food, luxurious amenities and a fleet that can truly take you anywhere around the world! Some of their most famous vessels include the Royal Princess (which was christened by the Duchess of Cambridge) and the Ruby Princess. Want to know more about Princess cruises? Read all about them here!

Have you been on a Princess cruise? If so, write a review about your experience below. All of our reviews are the opinion of real cruisers and are completely unmoderated. If you do write a review you’ll receive a FREE copy of the Berlitz Guide to Cruising. So why not write your own review here?

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Sapphire Princess To The North Cape.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Sapphire Princess / Arctic

on 23rd Mar 2019, by

The highlights of the cruise: *Glorious weather for most of the trip, with only one really wet day at Geiranger. *An interesting itinerary, including Honningsvag (for the North Cape),...

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Regal Princess.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Regal Princess / Caribbean

on 17th Mar 2019, by

We took a back to back Caribbean cruise in January.B.A. was given to us as the carrier and we later found out that Virgin was also available which would have preferred as the BA plane was old and...

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Adventure Down Under.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Sun Princess / Australasia

on 17th Mar 2019, by

Boarding Sun Princess was quick and easy at White Bay port in Sydney Australia. We had booked an inside stateroom as usual and although the room was compact compared to younger ships we have sailed...

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Standards Dropping.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Sapphire Princess / Far East

on 12th Mar 2019, by

Just off the Sapphire Princess on her Far East cruise from Singapore to Bali, Malaysia and Thailand and back to Singapore. I do like Princess as a brand but have not cruised with them for...

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Dreadful Guest List.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Sapphire Princess / Norwegian Fjords

on 10th Mar 2019, by

I have just seen the 'celebrity' guest list for Princess Cruises and it is dreadful beyond belief. It includes Anne Widdecombe, Paul Burell, Does O'Connor, Fatima Whitbread and several other no...

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All At Sea On The Emerald Princess.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Emerald Princess / Mediterranean

on 6th Mar 2019, by

I travelled from LA to Hawaii with a party of 14 to celebrate a friends 60th birthday...having never cruised before, i found rhe whole experience in fact! Amazing...

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Thoroughly Relaxing Cruise.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Sapphire Princess / Far East

on 27th Feb 2019, by

Our cruise started with a 6 day escorted tour of Cambodia followed by a night in Singapore so we were ready for some relaxation. We arrived at the dock and our cases were offloaded by Princess...

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Rio, Iguazu Falls & Princess Cruise - S. America.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Star Princess / South America

on 25th Feb 2019, by

Iguazu Falls & Rio De Janeiro with Christ The Redeemer & Chilean Fjords The flight on BA was long. We had reserved two seats by a window and the aisle seat was taken by a somewhat large male...

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Appalling Embarkation Service By Emerald Princess.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Emerald Princess / North America

on 24th Feb 2019, by

I have written a review about our cruise on the Emerald Princess to Hawaii on 3rd February 2019 and it appears to have been removed. I think the reason it has been removed is that Princess or...

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Nightmare Cruise.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Golden Princess / Pacific

on 24th Feb 2019, by

Approximately 12 months ago my wife and I along with two friends took a cruise from melbourne to newzealand and back on the golden princess . The moment we left the dock at melbourne was the start...

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Mrs Irene Lawton.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Royal Princess / Caribbean

on 13th Feb 2019, by

Well its been nearly 4 years now since the last cruise , which was to the Caribbean , we flew from Heathrow , into Miami then were met by a limo and taken to Fort Lauderdale , it was to celebrate...

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Bigger Is Better.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Regal Princess / Caribbean

on 10th Feb 2019, by

We took a cruise on Regal Princess on the 5th of January 2019. We have been cruising with Princess for a number of years now, and find them to be a first class all round cruise line. I decided...

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Scandinavian Sapphire!!

PRINCESS CRUISES / Sapphire Princess / Scandinavia

on 8th Feb 2019, by

1st September 2018 and no chance of seeing Sapphire Princess from Hythe Pier as the city was gridlocked with 4 ships in port, start of the Southampton Boat Show, England-India Test Match, roadworks...

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Panama Canal.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Island Princess / Panama Canal

on 8th Feb 2019, by

Although we have cruised many times with Princess line . The Island Princess was probably one of the best suited to us as not too big or too small but just about right for us . The Ship sailed out...

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Amazing Restaurants.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Royal Princess / Baltic

on 5th Feb 2019, by

You have a choice of no fewer than five dinning locations to suit your needs. We had a small child with us and all the staff were very accommodating. Great service. Tbe embarking and disembarking...

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The Curate's Egg - Good In Parts!

PRINCESS CRUISES / Sapphire Princess / Far East

on 1st Feb 2019, by

Left Heathrow on 4/1 on my least favourite airline - British Airways, flight was uncomfortable and food was mediocre, as British Airways always is. Shanghai - An airport and a cruise terminal to...

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First Cruise With Princess Cruise Line.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Sapphire Princess / Far East

on 29th Jan 2019, by

Sapphire Princess Observations This was our first trip on a Princess Cruise ship. Our last two cruises had been on Cunards QV and QE in Queens Grill Penthouse suites. We opted for a similar...

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Down Under.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Sea Princess / Australasia

on 15th Jan 2019, by

We sailed on Sea Princess from Brisbane to Sidney and up to Cairns. We had never been to Australia or cruised with princess. It was a 10 day cruise with 5 ports. We found it a lovely ship, not too...

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Fantastic Holiday.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Sapphire Princess / Far East

on 15th Jan 2019, by

What a wonderful holiday aboard Sapphire Princess. Such professional and friendly staff run endless activities and marvellous restaurants . They made Christmas and New Year very special . We took...

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Singapore To Dubai.

PRINCESS CRUISES / Sapphire Princess / Far East

on 12th Jan 2019, by

Had our first cruise with Pricess aboard Sapphire princess and it was very good. The ship had many different amenities and dining options. Food was very good in all venues with a wide variety of...

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