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Pity About The Drop In Standards.

P&O CRUISES / Oriana / Atlantic

on 15th Feb 2019, by

As a solo traveller the cost of my recent 35 day cruise on P&O's Oriana was over 8,000 for an sea view cabin. With good memories of a P&O cruise taken eight years ago, I booked. It seemed rather...

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Ship And Senior Staff Need Refurbishing.

P&O CRUISES / Azura / Caribbean

on 14th Feb 2019, by

Before we went P & O did not reply to numerous emails. Not a good start. When we got to Gatwick we were not allowed into TUI's lounge even though we booked Premium seats. Entry is not allowed to...

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Azura Caribbean January 2019.

P&O CRUISES / Azura / Caribbean

on 14th Feb 2019, by

This was our annual Caribbean cruise on board Azura. The trip was booked well in advance. Two months earlier we had spent a fortnight on Britannia, so in many ways this cruise was a direct...

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The Good , The Bad & The Ugly.

P&O CRUISES / Oceana / Dubai

on 14th Feb 2019, by

The Good the Bad & the Ugly We generally cruise with any cruise line basing our choice mainly on destinations. We chose this cruise as an alternative to our usual trip to the Caribbean at this...

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P&o Aurora - Bruges And Amsterdam.

P&O CRUISES / Aurora / Northern Europe

on 13th Feb 2019, by

We booked this 5 night cruise in October 2018 as we love cruising with P&O and were especially keen to explore more of Amsterdam, after a previous mini cruise on Aurora. Embarkation was fairly...


Caribbean On Britannia.

P&O CRUISES / Britannia / Caribbean

on 9th Feb 2019, by

Flew from Gatwick on TUI dreamliner. Excellent flight in economy. Plenty of leg room and three free drinks. Bus on tarmac straight to ship. Onboard within one hour of landing. Largest ship we have...

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Caribbean Cruise - Britannia - Almost Perfect.

P&O CRUISES / Britannia / Caribbean

on 8th Feb 2019, by

Lovely cruise around the Caribbean on board Britannia. We flew from Manchester on board a TUI Dreamliner chartered flight direct to Barbados. Although check in and security took longer than we...

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P&o Aurora Christmas 2018.

P&O CRUISES / Aurora / Baltic

on 7th Feb 2019, by

It was with a mix of excitement and trepidation that we set off as a family of 4 (2 adults and two of our children 7 & 3) for our first Christmas cruise. Now I will begin by saying we love to...

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Good, Value For Money Cruise.

P&O CRUISES / Britannia / Caribbean

on 7th Feb 2019, by

We sailed this late December out of St Lucia and around the Dutch Antilles. We chose this one for the itinerary as we had sen many Caribbean islands on prior cruises but 4/5 of these were new to...

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Our First Cruise.

P&O CRUISES / Oceana / Mediterranean

on 5th Feb 2019, by

We celebrated my Wife's 60 birthday with a cruise on P & O ship the Oceana. We flew from Birmingham to Malta.we sailed around Italy France and Greece. We had a fantastic time. The whole...

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P & O Ventura.

P&O CRUISES / Ventura / Northern Europe

on 5th Feb 2019, by

Just returned from a 4 day trip to Amsterdam and Zeebrugge on Ventura. We have been on three P & O cruises prior to this on Oceana and Aurora and found this latest cruise lacking. First thing that...


First Timers With P&o.

P&O CRUISES / Arcadia / World Cruise

on 5th Feb 2019, by

We were looking to do something special in our run up to retirement and after a long discussion we chose to take leg 1 of ARCADIA's World Cruise,Southampton to San Francisco, 24 Nights. Ports of...

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Carefree Cruising Of The 7 Seas.

P&O CRUISES / Harmony of the Seas / Caribbean

on 4th Feb 2019, by

Climb on board the magestic floating Hotel of 9 stars and leave your stress on land, let the waters of the sea take you onto a cloud like dream, floating through your nine desires to accomplish and...

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P&o Ventura Never Disappoints.

P&O CRUISES / Ventura / Iberia

on 3rd Feb 2019, by

We booked one week before departing on 9th Dec 18 for 12 nights visiting Gibraltar, Cartagena, Ibiza, Valencia, Cadiz & Lisbon. Our cabin was a balcony cabin on deck 10 but our balcony & balcony...

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The Smoothest Cruise Ever According To The Captain.

P&O CRUISES / Oceana / Dubai

on 2nd Feb 2019, by

The smoothest cruise Ive ever had according to our captain, and he was right there was hardly a ripple from start to finish. We boarded Oceana in Southampton on a cold January morning at the...

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Britannia To The Mediterranean October 2018.

P&O CRUISES / Britannia / Mediterranean

on 31st Jan 2019, by

Embarkation - Britannia has capacity for 3,600 guests. We arrived early at Southamptons Ocean terminal. On this occasion (as most often is the case) the port staff at Southampton were exceptional....

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Ventura June 2017.

P&O CRUISES / Ventura / Mediterranean

on 31st Jan 2019, by

Wrote this over a year ago but not sure if I ever posted it Embarkation. The Southampton port staff/ parking staff very disorganised on this occasion (previously this has not been the case)....


Rough Ride But Nice Ship.

P&O CRUISES / Oceana / Canaries

on 27th Jan 2019, by

My wife and I cruised on PO Oceana E823 from southampton to the Canaries on Nov 9th 2018.this being our 3rd cruise on this ship.The Oceana a nice sized ship but does not handle to well in...

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The Cruise Ship.

P&O CRUISES / Disney Dream / South America

on 26th Jan 2019, by

I really love cruise ship they are the best thing people on board are the most amazing and friendly people who you can meet if I had the chance I would love to work on a cruise ship and work with...

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Wonderful Experience From Booking To Arriving Home.

P&O CRUISES / Britannia / Caribbean

on 23rd Jan 2019, by

Bernie at offered the most competitive price, was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and most of all efficient. Everything she did was accurate,punctual and detailed to give all the...

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