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Unsettled weather on this Baltic cruise in September
P&O Cruises / Arcadia / Baltic
By dingley, christchurch on 22nd Oct 2019
We boarded Arcadia in Southampton for our 3rd cruise to the Baltic, although the last time we went was 6 years ago. The itinerary was fair, although we had rainy Kristiansund instead of a larger port such as Stockholm.
Having booked a last mi ...
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Wine Waiters and Porters have gone but Cards Return
P&O Cruises / Ventura / Mediterranean
By Anderson, Hamilton on 22nd Oct 2019
We motored to Southampton on 6th October 2019, arriving in fine time for lunch aboard. As is our habit, we had arranged parking with CPS, who are usually very efficient and convenient, but not this time! Instead of being directe ...
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Great, but . . .
P&O Cruises / Aurora / Mediterranean
By David, Chester on 21st Oct 2019
There were so many good things about this cruise, from ports bathed in hot autumn sunshine to superb service from officers and crew, that it seems churlish to start with a moan. 
But it needs to be said that if Ca ...
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A good cruise on Arcadia
P&O Cruises / Arcadia / Canada
By Winfield, Ilkeston on 18th Oct 2019
Over the years we’ve seen Arcadia in many ports but haven’t sailed on her nor have we sailed with P&O for seven years. Seeing this cruise advertised on television got a quick response. Getting free parking with one night in ...
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Canada by Arcadia
P&O Cruises / Arcadia / Canada
By Winfield, Ilkeston on 18th Oct 2019
We've seen Arcadia in various ports but have never sailed on her nor indeed with P&O for seven years. When this cruise was advertised on TV the destinations persuaded us, the ship being a half sister to two we've sailed on helped.
The dea ...
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Great cruise to the Eastern Med
P&O Cruises / Azura / Mediterranean
By Devers, HOVE on 17th Oct 2019
We had been on the Azura before but not for some time. It was seemingly due for refurbishment in a few months time and it was in need of it. Saying that, we had a wonderful cruise. 
We had an inside cabin. It was spacious and plenty of h ...
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Arcadia P & O Canada
P&O Cruises / Arcadia / Canada
By Robinson, Carlisle on 12th Oct 2019

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