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Amazon cruise
P&O Cruises / Oriana / South America
By Burden , Oxford on 27th Oct 2019
Nothing like a balcony cabin,able to take in fresh air nothing to better your own ability to open those doors to fresh air.
some great places to visit Miami.carribean, South America.very different cultures lots to do great foods to sample lot ...
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Not 100% satisfied.
P&O Cruises / Oriana / Mediterranean
By Cassar, Malta on 15th Sep 2019
The ship needs a good maintenance, while I was on the ship I encountered at least 4 leakages from roofs, one cabins got flooded with drainage from an over flowing toilet. The food in the buffet was almost always the same and some time plates and ...
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Sad Goodbye to Oriana
P&O Cruises / Oriana / Arctic
By Lee, Porthcawl on 30th Aug 2019
Our first ever cruise was on the Oriana in 2003 so it was appropriate that we should be on her last ever cruise with P&0. Overall it was a wonderful experience all round. Travelling to Svalbard had been on our bucket list for a long time. We ...
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Green is now my favourite colour
P&O Cruises / Oriana / Baltic
By Thompson, Bracknell on 19th Aug 2019
The last few days of Feb with great excitement we left Southampton to seek out the elusive Northen lights. A stop at Stravanger then North passing breathtaking scenery to Tromso, here we would go husky sledging and though of more mature years to ...
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Lost at Sea
P&O Cruises / Oriana / British Isles
By Hook, Norfolk on 10th Aug 2019
My first cruise ship was P&O's Oriana almost 20 years ago and therefore I booked the final 'mini-cruise' so I could wish her a fond farewell. Oriana seemed to be plagued with technical problems which might be one of the reasons she has been ...
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Last ever cruise on P&O Oriana 14 nights, Ireland, Iceland & the Faroe Islands
P&O Cruises / Oriana / Northern Europe
By Hampsheir, on 3rd Aug 2019

Back in 2005 we began holidaying in a new way to us, a 17 night cruise on Oriana would change the way we spent precious time off from work, saw the world ...
488 Views 25 Likes 28 Comments
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Sceptic to Convert
P&O Cruises / Oriana / Mediterranean
By Marland, London on 1st Aug 2019

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