Last-Minute Cruises

Looking for a spontaneous getaway on the high seas? Our last-minute cruises offer an irresistible opportunity to embark on an unforgettable adventure at incredible value. Whether you're a seasoned traveler seeking a quick escape or a first-time cruiser with an eye for spontaneity, our collection of last-minute cruise deals is designed to whisk you away to stunning destinations without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re dreaming of a Caribbean escape, an Alaskan adventure, or a Mediterranean voyage, our last-minute cruise deals open the door to exceptional voyages at prices that are hard to resist. Don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities to set sail and make unforgettable memories at sea.

Why Choose Last-Minute Cruises?

Booking a last-minute cruise can be an exceptional way to experience a cruise without the usual extensive planning. Here’s why these offers are worth your consideration: 1. Unbeatable Savings: One of the most appealing aspects of a last-minute cruise is the remarkable savings it offers. Cruise lines often slash prices as the departure dates approach, making it an excellent opportunity for budget-conscious travelers to snag a great deal on high-end voyages. 2. Flexibility and Spontaneity: Last-minute cruises cater to the spontaneous spirit in all of us. They provide an ideal option for those who can be flexible with their travel plans. 3. Reduced Stress in Planning: With a last-minute cruise, there's often less time to overthink the details. This can be a relief for those who find the planning process overwhelming. The cruise line takes care of the logistics, allowing you to focus on the excitement of the journey ahead rather than getting bogged down in extensive planning. 4. Empty Cabins, Maximum Enjoyment: Last-minute cruises often result in unsold cabins. This can work to your advantage, as cruise lines may offer these empty cabins at deeply discounted rates. Having fewer passengers can also mean more space and a more tranquil, serene experience onboard.

Cheap Last-Minute Cruise Deals

No Fly Mini Cruise

MSC Cruises - Virtuosa - 24th Sept 24 - 4 Nights

Southampton, Cork, Isle of Portland, Southampton

Inside From Just £284pp

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British Isles Explorer

Princess Cruises - Regal Princess - 20th June 24 - 12 Nights

Southampton, La Rochelle, Bilbao, La Coruna, Cherbourg, Southampton

Inside From Just £1099pp

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France Mini Cruise

MSC Cruises - Virtuosa - 4th July 24 - 2 Nights

Southampton, Le Havre (Paris), Southampton

Inside From Just £209pp

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Amsterdam Overnight

P&O Cruises - Ventura - 9th July 24 - 4 Nights

Southampton, Amsterdam (overnight) Southampton

Inside From Just £449pp

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British Isles Including Belfast & Stornoway

Princess Cruises - Caribbean Princess - 29th August 24 - 14 Nights

Southampton, Falmouth, Cobh, Holyhead, Belfast, Greenock (Glasgow), Stornoway, Invergordon, South Queensferry (For Edinburgh), Isle of Portland, Southampton

Inside From Just £895pp

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Rotterdam Mini Cruise

Cunard - Queen Anne - 28th August 24 - 4 Nights

Southampton, Rotterdam, Southampton

Inside From Just £599pp

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Orlando Stay & Utopia Perfect Day Private Island Paradise

Royal Caribbean - Utopia of the Seas - 14th Oct 24 - 15 Nights

Fly UK to Orlando - 11-night Orlando stay - Embark Utopia of the Seas in Port Canaveral for 3-night cruise - Disembark in Port Canaveral & fly UK

From Just £1399pp

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Orlando Taster & Tropical Caribbean Islands

Carnival Cruise Line - Carnival Sunrise - 25th Nov 24 - 12 Nights

Fly UK to Orlando - 5-night Orlando stay - Embark Carnival Sunrise for 5-night Caribbean cruise - Disembark in Miami and fly UK

From Just £1199pp

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