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Arctic Norway and the northern lights
Hurtigruten Cruises / ms Nordnorge / Arctic
By Vivian, East sussex on 14th Mar 2017
We took a five day holiday with Hurtigruten boarding the MS NordNorge in Tromso, well inside the Arctic circle. The flights (charter) from and to Gatwick and also organised by Hurtigruten were effortless and on time. We actually spent only three ni ...
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An amazing adventure
Hurtigruten Cruises / ms Nordnorge / Arctic
By Marshall, Leeds on 5th Mar 2017
My last cruise was a birthday treat for my sun loving wife - a Norway Northern Lights cruise in the arctic in February - not what I was expecting her to choose! The Hurtigruten ships do not feel like tradition cruise ships - more like a posh ferry ...
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Finding the Northern Lights
Hurtigruten Cruises / ms Nordnorge / Arctic
By Hills, Harrogate on 12th Feb 2016
Finding the Northern Lights depends on many things - Sun activity, how far north you are, how bright the sky is at night and the weather. My friend and I have just returned from a fabulous trip from Bergen to Kirkenes on the Nordnorge. Before bookin ...
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An Adventure And We Saw The Northen Lights Too
Hurtigruten Cruises / ms Nordnorge / Norwegian Fjords
By Robson, Durham on 3rd May 2014
Day 1 – We arrived at Bergen airport and eventually found the temporary Hurtigruten bus stop about 200m to the left of the terminal entrance. Major road works prevented the stated place being used. 2 buses were there and ours left after 10 mins ...
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`Chasing the light
Hurtigruten Cruises / ms Nordnorge / Northern Europe
By Quantock, Morley, Leeds on 6th Mar 2014
Hurtigruten - Nordnorge 'Hunting the light' cruise to northern Norway. Our expectations for the standards in the ship were not high as we knew this was one of 11 coastal mail steamers ploughing backwards and forwards up to Northern Norway - a workin ...
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Norwegian Delights
Hurtigruten Cruises / ms Nordnorge / Norwegian Fjords
By Wilkinson, Kelvedon on 29th Dec 2012
This was a cruise different from any we have ever done before, the atmosphere was pure casual for the whole cruise. We had a standard cabin on deck 4, 2 bunk beds and a onsuite with the best shower on any previous ship. The food was truly excellent, ...
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