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Most cruisers can name the seven seas – but can you list the world’s rivers? Ocean cruising can take you all over the world to some fantastic exotic destinations, but river cruising can take you straight to the centre of Europe’s most beautiful cities, to the heart of the cultural capitals of the world.

  • Go directly to the world’s most spectacular landmarks
  • Learn about the rich history of Europe and other places
  • More peaceful, quieter ships

Even if you’ve never considered it before, river cruising is an incredible experience that must be embraced to be believed.

River Rhine

river rhine

Bordering France and Germany, the majestic Rhine is 820 miles long and flows through gorgeous cities such as Mannheim, Strasbourg, Cologne and Rotterdam. The beauty of the cities it flows through is only matched by the natural European landscape between them.

River Danube

A river used since ancient Roman times to ferry emperors through Europe, the Danube is as historically important as it is beautiful. The river flows through landmarks such as Vienna, Budapest, Linz and many more.

river danube river seine

River Seine

A river as much a part of France’s history as the flag itself – having had the ashes of the legendary Joan of Arc scattered into its waters and even the infamous Napoleon himself wished to be buried on its banks. The only way to cruise through the heart of Paris!

River Rhone

river rhone

Flowing through France and Switzerland, the Rhône was once the central trade route from the Mediterranean to Western Europe, with the Greeks spreading their influence and culture along the river. Beautiful cities and towns such as Vienne, Geneva and Avignon can be found on its banks, making the river just as important in modern times as it was in ancient times.

River Moselle

A tributary of the Rhine, the Moselle has even inspired 4th century poets to describe its beauty in Latin. Flowing through France, Germany and Luxembourg, perhaps the sights will inspire a poem of your own?

river moselle river saone

River Saone

Flowing through Eastern France, the Saône has strong ties to ancient Celtic tribes. Named for the Gallic river goddess Souconna, you’re sure to have a spiritual experience.

River Mekong

river mekong

The 7th longest river in Asia, the Mekong is an essential river, providing trade routes integral to linking China’s cities and regions – that aside, the mountains along this river look truly incredible.

River Elbe

One of the major rivers of Central Europe, the Elbe flows through some of Germany’s most famous towns and cities, including Hamburg and Cuxhaven.

river elbe river nile

River Nile

Arguably the most historically important river in the world, as well as the longest, the Nile has provided a way of life for people for thousands of years. From the pyramids to Sudan, the Nile is as breathtaking as it is renowned.

River Yangtze

river yangtze

Flowing from the glaciers of the Tanggula Mountains, the Yangtze is a gorgeous crystal clear river flowing through China, with even five main freshwater lakes sharing water and wildlife with the river.

River Dnieper

Flowing through Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, the Dnieper is one of Europe’s major rivers. Travelling through beauty spots such as Kiev and Orsha, visiting the Dnieper should be on your bucket list.

river dnieper river douro

River Douro

The gorgeous Douro flows through Spain and Portugal, visiting major riverside cities and towns such as Soria, Aranda da Duero and Porto on the way. The surrounding region has rich fields cultivating olives, almonds and grapes.

River Volga

Europe’s longest river, the Volga flows through central Russia and is seen as Russia’s National River. Some beautiful Russian settlements along the banks and incredible views make the Volga an essential river to cruise.

river volga river ganges

River Ganges

Considered by some to be sacred, the Ganges flows through India and Bangladesh. One of the world’s most famous and wild rivers, cruising here is a magical experience.

rivers of the world

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