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Indian Experience
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Boudicca / Other
By Ellis, HERTFORD on 24th Mar 2020
We travelled on the Boudicca in February  2020 from Sri Lanka to Dubai. We cruised past the Maldives and had 4 stops in India. We have travelled on this ship before and each time in a sea view cabin. This time we had a balcony suite.this&nb ...
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Worth it if only for the Cadiz Carnival
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Black Watch / Mediterranean
By Thomas, Swansea on 6th Mar 2020
The embarkation procedure were swift and we were on board much quicker than on previous cruises.The Black Watch is a small ship and its passengers were nearly all over retirement age, some a lot over. The number of passengers was lower than expe ...
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No Rain in Spain or Portugal or Gibraltar!
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Black Watch / Mediterranean
By Mills, York on 15th Feb 2020
No Rain in Spain or Portugal or Gibraltar!

This was the 11- night cruise from Tuesday, November 26th until - Saturday, December 7th 2019 with Fred Olsen’s Black Watch. 

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Fred. Olsen Cruises / Black Watch / Canaries
By Galloway, YORK on 11th Feb 2020
We had always discounted Fred Olsen because of the small ship size but never again!  We had one of the best breaks ever on Black Watch in January sailing around the Canaries, Spain and Portugal. Before we left we had the brochure detailing ...
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Cairns to Colombo on Boudicca
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Boudicca / Far East
By Cammish, Beverley on 10th Feb 2020

Warning, this review is long! Written in blog style, with an insight into life on board  Fred Olsen Boudicca and details of the ports we visited in our 28 night cruise from Cairns to Sri Lanka.& ...
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on Balmoral!
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Balmoral / Canaries
By HUGHES, Solihull on 30th Jan 2020
Our first time with Fred Olsen but have holidayed with 9 different cruise lines over the years, so interested to make comparisons. We (my husband, our son and myself) thought Balmoral was a cosy, if old, boutique hotel-type ship on which everyon ...
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Disappointing customer service
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Braemar / Caribbean
By Wilson, Cambridge on 26th Jan 2020

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