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Tried something different
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Balmoral / River Seine
By Stokes, Hereford on 6th Nov 2019
Having previously only sailed on larger ships with a balcony cabin we wanted to try something different so decided to try this French River Cruise on Balmoral with an ocean view cabin, sailing from a different port. We did miss not having a balc ...
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Cruise ships going right up rivers to main cities are great.
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Braemar / Europe
By Dawson, Rustington on 20th Oct 2019
We had a very good cruise on the Braemar up rivers to Bordeaux and Saville plus other good ports.  It is very special to dock close into the cities and in Seville we were able to take a horse and carriage into the park and the main place sq ...
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Service with a smile
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Balmoral / Scandinavia
By Brine, Kent on 19th Oct 2019
This was our sixth Fred Olsen cruise and our second on Balmoral and we were not disappointed. 

We opted for a B grade outside cabin on deck 6, which was perfectly adequate, although the bathroom was a litt ...
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Baltic adventure
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Braemar / Baltic
By Wellard, London on 12th Oct 2019
Very comfortable ship with a personal touch, the staff even remembered our drinks from our previous cruise! The ship is small enough to make friends with other cruisers. Food good and plenty of choice. Stopped in Denmark and Finland where the pe ...
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Our mystery cruise on the Braemar
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Braemar / Europe
By Dooley, Surrey on 24th Sep 2019
We started from Southampton.  It was a true mystery as they really did not tell you where we were going, but the next morning we found ourselves at sea and looking at the position of the sun decided that we were heading sou ...
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a newbie
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Braemar / Norwegian Fjords
By SIMPSON, Chesterfield on 24th Sep 2019
It was first time I'd gone on a cruise. Went to Norway cities and fjords.  travelled with my adult son, so twin beds were necessary.  cant afford single rooms! I liked the free transport to the port, that is why I used Titan to book it ...
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Mystery Cruise
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Braemar / Northern Europe
By Bishop, Lincoln on 20th Sep 2019

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