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My last Cruise with my Mum
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Boudicca / Norwegian Fjords
By mccormick, Llangefni on 10th Jul 2019
My Fred Olsen Cruise to the Northern Lights was my most memorable cruise.  My Father always paid for me to take my Mum on one cruise a year as he was unable to holiday any longer, and because she was quite immobile and this ship left from L ...
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America in one day?
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Boudicca / Europe
By Jones, on 8th Apr 2019
My husband and I enjoyed a Mystery Cruise on board Fred Olsen's Boudicca. It was great fun trying to guess the destinations before we left home and joined the like-minded passengers on board to continue the guessing. The discussions continued around ...
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Festive Cruise on Boudicca. Fred Olsen revisited.
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Boudicca / Indian Ocean
By McMillen, Woodland Drive on 27th Jan 2019
What an interesting experience this proved to be! A number of years ago I was a fairly frequent passenger on Fred Olsen cruises, but with the passage of time my tastes have changed, and as a result I have not been a passenger with them for many year ...
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Fred. Olsen Cruises / Boudicca / Indian Ocean
By Parkes , Doncaster on 20th Jan 2019
I travelled as a single person, from the United Kingdom, to embark with Fred Olsen Cruise ship, Boudicca in Mauritius. The cruise was from 12th December 2018, Indian Ocean Islands and Zanzibar, continuing to cruise the Indian Ocean Islands, to disem ...
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Islands of the Indian Ocean on Boudicca
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Boudicca / Indian Ocean
By Cammish, beverley on 13th Jan 2019
I very rarely give a 5 star rating but feel I must for our recent cruise on Boudicca. Apart from one small issue which I will mention later, everything suited us very well. It was all my idea to book the cruise, my husband didnt really fancy Fred at ...
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Indian Ocean Islands - Boudicca
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Boudicca / Indian Ocean
By Farnes, Hessle on 4th Jan 2019
Indian Ocean Islands - Boudicca 15th x 29th November 2018 - D1824 We booked with a cruise agent an we had 2 days in Mauritius before our cruise. We stayed In Grand Baie which is a medium sized resort with 2 small public beaches. There may be more ...
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Essential India
Fred. Olsen Cruises / Boudicca / Indian Ocean
By Saunders, Gravesend on 10th Dec 2018
This cruise got off to a very bad start. The difficulty being with the confusion ,and the expense of obtaining an Indian VIsa. The information from both our travel agent and Fred Olsen were not helpful and in some instances confusing. The confusion ...
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