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How would you cope??

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    Maybe ships should stock basics like underwear, night wear, swim wear. And they could arrange for some one who knows the port and the language to take the unlucky passenger to some shopping mall/or shopping centre where they could buy a few clothes


      old sea dog ......................about a dozen people told us that at the time


        Originally posted by DUETTO, Staines View Post
        old sea dog ......................about a dozen people told us that at the time
        Just trying to be helpful Duetto, but we still come across people who pack their jewellery in their cases

        Cheers OSD
        Our cruising days are over now.................


          oldseadog...no worries a good lesson learnt.but now always worry till i get our cssed.


            An update:

            The luggage arrived on Day 6.



              Our two bags were last off the plane just recently.
              I was around level seven on the 'I'm in danger of becoming REALLY worried' scale, and that's knowing I could replicate every single item in a mall!

              I'd be at level ten on 'the 'wrecked' scale if I'd been going off on a cruise!!


                Useful BA info because on some routes BA offer discounted no checked luggage fares.

                I would manage fine as long as I could get some essentials and the cruise line would do us overnight laundry.

                What I am wearing(or others) does not bother me as long as it is hygienic.

                I think I would have had an issue in China if I had lost my bags, I went there on business and I never found socks my size and the only place that had underwear/T-shirts was a Carrefour and they were XXXXL pants.


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