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Is it better to go over-dressed or under-dressed?

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    My fair hair always gets bleached by the strong sun. Does anyone know if I would be allowed to take a hair colourant with me as a quick touch-up? (I'm meaning the 'Nice n Easy' 10 minutes on, rinse off type), or is it something that airlines, cruise companies would forbid carrying in luggage?

    Oh and please don't suggest using the hairdressers on board....hubby would throw a hissy fit at the prices, I've no doubt. lol


      You can take me with you and I will do it for you I did Spanish Lady her hair on the QE early this year. Talk about a busmans holiday!
      You could take your Nice N easy in your luggage no problem . Leave unopened in the packaging till you need it.


        Originally posted by hat776, malta View Post
        Regarding touching up roots IN AN EMERGENCY. I use hair crayons and find them very useful. What do you think Maggie ?
        Sorry hat missed your post. Yes, the hair crayons are good for the roots especially around the face. Or you can even use eye brow pencil.


          Originally posted by Balmcake, Leeds (2) View Post
          Some beautiful hairstyles there and the shoes are gorgeous, are you a petite lady? I couldnt wear anything that high as my ankle is weak from a fracture from years ago also I am 5'8" so keep to kitten heels, some of your brides hair style brought back memories of the large barrel loops which we wore back in the 60s, 'loved them', is your hair long? I had waist length hair for many years then when I got to 60 had it lopped off even though it was in great condition and still a good colour with not much grey, now its a few blonde highlights and bobbed hair so updo's are out of the question but soft curls might be a thought.
          I guess the question is aimed at me Balmcake.
          Yes, I suppose I am petite as I am only 5ft 2" size 12, but what I lack in height I make up for in width I wear FIT FlOPS every day of my life but I love the heels when I go anywhere I get the chance to wear them. I bought some bright red/ white & blue , very high wedges last week. Very nautical. Cant walk in them yet but will be able to too soon I always wear them around the house before giving them an outting. Usually with a pair of mens socks on to help stretch them


            Hi Hat776,Malta why are you confuse to wear a dress to see good looking. I think you must have to dress up as you like, But your friend has a good solution to dress up.


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