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Post Lockdown Dress

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    Originally posted by Delboy, Essex View Post

    Due to normally wearing leather shoes which need a polish, this got me thinking cannot remember the last time I wore a pair of leather shoes, probably for a funeral,

    Most days I usually wear loafer/trainers type of footwear.
    We do have shoes that get polished, but one tin of polish lasts a very long time!

    In the old days, before the dreaded Golden Sticker, P&O used to be more generous with prizes for on-board activities and we acquired several shoe shine kits.

    We have some in the loft. I noticed someone was trying to flog these kits on eBay for £20. Maybe I could get rid of them and make some money!


      Originally posted by Garfield, Waterlooville View Post

      Blimey..look what the cats dragged in...
      Welcome back Neil and glad to see you're ok.

      Ohhhh Garfie, you are a one, I laughed about that for quite a few seconds... and thanks for the thought. .......OK might be putting it a little strong though. Neil


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