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    Originally posted by Malcolm, Essex View Post
    I've heard of people going to Spain etc. saying it is cheaper to but T-shirts and shorts out there and leave them behind, rather than pay the low-cost airlines hold-baggage fees.
    The action may not be new but this response is (relatively).Baggage charges are a racket and this is an inevitable response. I also know quite a few people will only now take cabin baggage on short trips (I'm one!) and so many ditch stuff to have room on the way back for extras/gifts.It's always hard to keep up with the fact that some will allow you a carrier bag as well but some won't.
    Of course low cost airlines made these changes with aircraft that had the same storage space when they didn't charge extra. It's created an extra rush now.If you are one of the last to board these days they stick your bag in the hold anyway.


      On a related topic, the Elite tier of the Princess Captain's circle offers unlimited complimentary laundry and "specialty cleaning". Princess used to provide dry cleaning as well but unfortunately, the use dry cleaning chemicals has been discontinued (for ecological reasons). Passengers used to take extra suitcases full of clothes aboard the ship, just to save on the costs of dry cleaning at home.


        I wouldn't leave any of my clothes behind but I have been known to take certain new items with me in order to give to various staff I've encountered on land holidays, over the years.


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