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Royal Caribbean - Crown & Anchor Club

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    Royal Caribbean - Crown & Anchor Club

    The past passenger scheme onboard Royal Caribbean is the Crown and Anchor club and members are entitled to things that non-members are not entitled to.

    3 Points: Gold Members receive an exclusive onboard booking bonus, an ultimate value booklet, Seapass card recognition and an invitation to the exclusive Welcome Back party each time you cruise with Royal Caribbean.

    30 Points: Platinum members receive all the perks of Gold membership plus priority check in, acces to the private departure lounge, bathrobes and an invitation to to an exclusive event held specially for Platinum, Emerald, Diamond and Diamond Plus members.

    55 Points: Emerald members will receive a personalised welcome gift upon boarding and increased balcony and suite discounts.

    80 Points: The Diamond tier offers all the benefits of Emerald membership, plus priority wait-list status for shore excursions and spa services, access to our Diamond Lounge on Freedom Class ships, priority debarkation from your ship, a complimentary breakfast
    every day you cruise, an Entertainment Tour - and an invitation to an
    exclusive nightly Diamond & Diamond Plus Event

    Diamond Plus
    175 Points: Achieving Diamond Plus status entitles you to more benefits including Concierge Lounge access, a behind-the-scenes tour, priority seating in the theatres and at some of the entertainment spectaculars, upgraded bathroom amenities, a bonus gift and a evening meal with one of the senior officers on your cruise ship.

    Pinnacle Club
    700 Points: Diamond Plus members who have over 100 Cruise Credits will be moved into our new highest possible membership status: the Pinnacle Club. Being a part of this prestigious group is recognition for the tremendous loyalty shown to us over the years - its members are truly a unique group who deserve extra-special thanks in the form of some extraordinary
    privileges. Along with a whole host of fabulous benefits, every Pinnacle Club member receives two complimentary 7 night cruises onboard any of our cruise ships when they reach 700 and 1050 points.

    Cruise Points
    The old Cruise Credits system, in which members collected 1 Credit for every cruise, has been replaced by Cruise Points, which allocates reward Points for every night spent at sea with on a Royal Caribbean cruise. The new system is fairer and is more beneficial to members, enabling you to collect points with us more quickly.

    Are you a member of the Royal Caribbean past passenger club? Do you have anymore information about the benefits available to you? If so, we would be grateful if you could let us know - it will help out other cruisers too

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    Thanks Wilba,

    Do you know anything about the changes? I will have a look in to it



      Got it thanks - will update now Thank you


        Thanks Wilba - all done

        Thanks for your help


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