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Celebrity - 'Captain's Club'

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    Celebrity - 'Captain's Club'

    The past passenger club on Celebrity is the Captain's Club and by being a member you are entitled to benefits that first time cruisers don't get.

    Classic Members (1-4 completed tier credits)
    Members in this category get perks such as: a one-cabin upgrade, pre-sailing dining reservations and freebies like wine tasting. Those booking a concierge - level stateroom or higher get double credit.

    Select Members (5-9 completed tier credits)
    As well as the perks that the classic members are entitled too they also get priority on shore excursion waitlists and at embarkation and 10 free internet minutes.

    Elite Members (10+ completed tier credits)
    As well as the benefits from the other two categories perks can include dining with the Captain or another officer and complimentary use of thethalassotherapy pool on Century - class ships. Also you can get 2 items of laundry pressed complimentary and have use of the captains lounge.

    Captain's Club members are offered several special discounted sailings per year through the Captain's club newsletter and in the members only section of the website.

    You can earn credits every time you cruise.

    Are you a member of Celebritys past passenger club? Do you have anymore information about the benefits available to you? If so, we would be grateful if you could let us know - it will help out other cruisers too

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