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Crew WiFi Locations in the Ports Worldwide

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    Crew WiFi Locations in the Ports Worldwide

    Found this it may be of use to members it gives information to crew members of where to find W.I.F.I at various ports.

    Crew WiFi Locations in the Ports Worldwide | Crew Center

    This short article regarding protecting security at WiFi hot spots: Redirecting to /uk/how-to/6-ways-to...-spots-safely/
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    That's a useful one Tuggy..........Wilba


      This could be very useful if it works!
      Having been around the world a few times and sat with the crew in many different locations, I have to say it never really works well, or it never did for me!
      I spent many hours on my recent world cruise sitting in coffee shops , cruise terminals local places where the crew are. The thing never worked for long . What happens it gets overloaded . Too many people trying to log on at one time so no body gains anything.
      Many times the crew just gave up as I did as it was a waste of time.
      The best time to access the Wi-fi on the ship I found was in the early hours of the morning. After midnight, or early around 6-0am. Or when people are going to dinner around 7-30 in an evening.
      Another good time is on change over day if you are staying on the ship and not leaving as no one is using the laundry or the Wi -Fi on these days.
      Many of the ports on the list I have tried with out success to get free Wi-Fi.
      Marina Bay Singapore was diabolical! New termnal not many crew or paxs using it but still no good. I wasted two hours in there before giving up as a dead loss. Next day all paxs left and the speed was rapid fast on the ship!!

      My other tip would be to go to the nearest five star or a decent hotel and use their free Wi-Fi.
      I got a lot done in the Crowne Plaza Nagasaki. Walked in as confident as the other guests and asked the password and sat and worked away. Did not even buy a drink I did this in various hotels around the world.
      I loaded all my photos into Photo Bucket and it just did it whilst I wondered around the hotel, admiring the shops and food etc.
      Last edited by MAGGIEMOU, CYPRUS; 16th June 2014, 12:26 PM.


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