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The best for Teenagers!

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    The best for Teenagers!

    Teenagers can be the hardest to please when it comes to cruising, with them asking ‘what can I do on board?’ ‘Will there be other people of my age?’

    Well rest assured, cruising is fantastic for teens. With on board teen clubs, activities throughout the day and evening you can guarantee they will have a great time!

    This guide will help choose the right ship with the facilities on board to keep your teens busy.

    Click on the image to view the guide.

    As always, any feedback would be much appreciated!!

    Nisha at Sea
    Community Manager - Cruises.co.uk
    Online Executive - Cruise.co.uk


    Hi Nisha,

    An interesting article, alas this year our teenager is too old for the "Teen Clubs" although he's thoroughly enjoyed his time participating and meeting other youngsters, especially on the longer Cunard itineraries.

    At times he scrubs up well too, he's the suited & booted one in the centre!
    Lancashire Cunarder


      Lovely pic, and very handsome too. You must be very proud.


        Originally posted by Trish, sudbury View Post
        Lovely pic, and very handsome too. You must be very proud.
        Hi Trish,

        Very proud, although like most his age, he's become like a fine car which is oft expensive to run!
        Lancashire Cunarder


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