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Royal Caribean Cruises

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    Royal Caribean Cruises

    Hi Folks,

    Looking to book a RCC and I am ok about paying up front for tips, but whats the score with drinks?

    Are they dear?

    Are you allowed to bring local beers or wines on board from the day trips?

    Do they search you? - laughs.

    Keen for any in-sights.


    Hi Elgin

    welcome to the forum. I have not cruised RCCL but no doubt someone will appear shortly and advise.

    However, embarking at all times your bags are x-rayed and you go thru the machine that bleeps. Bottles are taken off you, I assume do are cans. NCL have a bottle water policy that only sealed bottles must be taken on board for hygiene reasons - a load of horses - but it does stop you passing off gin / vodka as H2O.

    Drinks on board are expensive and incur a hefty 15% surcharge.

    Enjoy your trip!



      Any drinks you take onboard will be confiscated, there have been reports recently of passengers being disembarked and left to fend for themselves as they were trying to smuggle alcohol onboard.
      15% is added to all bar bills.

      There are a few RCC ships operating in Europe (Independence, liberty, grandeur) that are offering an AI package but look at around $49 per adult per day both adults have to book the package.

      If you bring beer or wine onboard from daytrips you have to hand it in at security and they will give you a receipt so you can collect it on your last day

      Sorry for the downer.....
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        See told you - shell hot on my heels with the answer you didn't want


          This might help as a guide.......remember 15% is added on top



            Independence does not have the 15% on drinks or didn't when we were on although I suspect the bar prices are higher than other RC ships to cover it.


              If you are leaving from Southampton [UK] there is no service charge on drinks. Any alcohol you bring on at any port will be held until the day before you leave the ship as would any you buy in the ship's duty free shop. Unlike going into a bar/hotel the drinks are not measured just poured into the glass and are at least a double maybe slightly more. The searches are more thorough since the Bin Laden incident being an American cruise ship. Once you join the ship you will get your seapass at check-in after that you are in a cashless society except if you like going to the casino where you need US dollars to play there.
              Bill Byth


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