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NCL Drinks Prices

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    NCL Drinks Prices

    Have you ever cruised with NCL? Do you know what to expect? If not, follow the links below which will give you some ideas about the drinks prices and drinks packages available onboard.

    NCL Drinks Menu

    NCL Champagne Menu

    Have you cruised with NCL recently? Have you still got any menus or price lists? If so we would be very grateful if you could send us a copy to the freepost address below so we can put them on here to help other cruisers

    Cruise.co.uk, FREEPOST Mid 19993, George House, Bannerley Road, Birmingham B33 0BR

    NCL drinks packages anyone had experience?
    I want to book the ultimate package for myself but as my son is only 18 they will only allow me to book the corks and caps package (wine & beer only). I don't see why I should be penalized because NCL have some stupid over 21 rule being a US ship. We will be sailing the Med so I am allowed to sign for my son to have wine and beer but it annoys me that I am then also restricted to that package.
    Is it cheaper to buy in advance or to pay as you go given everything is in dollars and the exchange rate is good right now?


      I thought their all inclusive package was expensive. I did pay for a wine package though. If you are sailing from Barcelona there is a wine shop after security in the terminal building and was able to take 12 bottles of wine on with me without them being confiscated.


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