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Hollan America Drinks List

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    Hollan America Drinks List

    Have you ever cruised with Holland America? Do you know what drinks are available onboard? Have a look at the links below to get an idea.

    Dining Room Wine List

    Bar Wine List

    Have you been on a Holland America recently? Do you still have any drinks menus or price lists? We would be grateful if you could send us a copy to the freepost address below for us to put online to help out other cruisers

    Cruise.co.uk, FREEPOST Mid 19993, George House, Bannerley Road, Birmingham B33 0BR

    Shock Horror

    Today,17 Oct 13, I glanced at the price of drinks on the HAL web site (Off on HAL next month)
    Whisk(e)y or Vodka c. $31 US.
    Harvey's Bristol Cream c. $60 US
    Just don't invite the Vicar, or your maiden aunt, round for drinks. Or even a drink. ;-)


      Have you tried Rum Runners ?
      Sneak alcohol


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