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Royal Caribbean New Drink Packages

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    Hi all
    As a follow up......
    I went on P&O Azura in Sept to the Fjords.
    Every port sailaway party it was awash with drink,,same of an evening in the 2 show lounges,also in Broddies,the pub.
    People actually say on here they sail with P&O because its the cheapest alcohol at sea.
    The passengers i saw,and mixed with,would have loved A/I on P&O.

    Do you think they will follow all other lines in introducing it.........it would certainly entice me away from Thomsons.

    The A/I just has to be priced right though.,,,even i think Celebrity too high,,,,,MSC ridiculously low.
    £20 would be worth it,even for Tee-totallers.

    As it says in Yates Wine Lodges........'Moderation is true Temperance'.
    Hic!!!!,another 'dock white' barman.
    Last edited by jc, liverpool; 22nd November 2013, 06:02 PM.
    C P Scott,,,,,"Comment is Free,,but Facts are Sacred"
    "You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.


      Originally posted by jc, liverpool View Post
      Hi all
      This is a topic that crops up at regular intervals.
      But,there are no right or wrong answers.
      Its those who say "they should stop it" that i don't agree with,,"it causes drunkenness" they say.
      I have had A/I for 15 yrs on Thomson,and i can count cases of agro through drink on one hand.

      Personally i at times have at least 12 drinks a day.......only beer,Guinness and the odd brandy with a coffee after dinner.They soon mount up.
      x2 at Lunch,,,,x1 late afternoon/sailaway,,,,,,x2 pre-dinner,,,,,x2 dinner,,,,,minimum x5 after dinner.
      That is over 12hrs at least.
      Not counting coffee and soft drinks.

      That would floor some people,,,,,OK,don't buy the package,but don't foster your consumption on others to justify telling them that the package is not worth it.
      JC, yours is the first post I have ever read where someone actually admits to making damn good use of the drink packages.

      Good on y'er, as opposed to trying to justify the deal with bottles of water and cups of coffee.............Wilba


        jc is a good old scouser who likes a drink and a good time, nowt wrong with that ehh jc....


          there seems to be 2 threads so i will post this again
          Would you be able to get this on their 4 night cruise in May does anyone know? Looking at the Royal Replenish, Still on seeing this its still way dearer that Princess at just over $8 a day which does include ice cream shakes, no water or Coffee but you can buy a Coffee card $32 for 15 so 2 a day wouldd still only add up to approx $12 a day so although good still expensive to Princess ....And RCI do not go out of there way to tell you about Mockatails

          Just checked what we had with Princess 14 nights unlimited soda package $112.70 +1 coffee card each $32 so in all $144 each bit diff to $280 each with RCI ...hummm not such a good deal is it!!!


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