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New Deck Plans for P&O Cruises 2013

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    New Deck Plans for P&O Cruises 2013

    P&O Cruises have changed their deck plans which will effect all cruises departing from April 2013. Apparently this new format has simplified the way cabin choices are made.

    You will now need to decide what type of cabin, and then the type of location of the cabin you want. These two options are broken down as per the following:

    This should then be combined with the location code:

    So for example, a balcony cabin, midships on a higher deck would be graded as GA, whereas an inside cabin on a lower deck, towards the forward end of the ship would be graded as ND.

    Exceptions are cabins such as Family Suites on Azura and Ventura.

    View Adonia Deck Plans 2013

    View Arcadia Deck Plans 2013

    View Aurora Deck Plans 2013

    View Azura Deck Plans 2013

    View Oceana Deck Plans 2013

    View Oriana Deck Plans 2013

    View Ventura Deck Plans 2013

    What do you think of these changes? Have you been upgraded or downgraded for your 2013 cruise?
    Jimmy the One & Only
    Cruises.co.uk Community Manager

    The new deck plans are also illustrated in the new brochures which arrived on members doorsteps on 13 April.


    I guess they basically illustrate what you are paying for in terms of position.


      The cabin we had last year has gone up 3 grades for 2013.


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