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NEW- Cunard 2013 Deck Plans

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  • Jimmy the One & Only
    started a topic NEW- Cunard 2013 Deck Plans

    NEW- Cunard 2013 Deck Plans

    Cunard cruises have made changes to their 2013 deck plans, which will effect cruises departing from April 2013.

    You now simply have to decide the stateroom you want, and then the location of the stateroom.

    Here are the latest pdf's of the deck plans.

    Queen Mary 2 Deck Plans

    Queen Victoria Deck Plans

    Queen Elizabeth Deck Plans

    Do you find the new deck plans easier to understand or did you prefer previous versions?

  • cruisegas, cruisegas
    Hi Grant,

    Cunard have not yet changed to the "new" cabin grades on their website, the "old " grades and descriptions are still available to enable a compare.

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  • Grant, West Sussex
    I saw this on Cunard's site today. What might be easier is if someone could summarise what the old grades were and what the new grades are? For instance there are still 4 grades of (now called) Standard inside?

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