Have you ever cruised with MSC? Do you know what to expect? If you click on the links below they show every page of the MSC cruise planners.

Day 1

http://alturl.com/fhptn (page 1)

http://alturl.com/9dnvy (page 2)

http://alturl.com/akb6i (page 3)

Day 3

http://alturl.com/rj7y6 (page 1)

http://alturl.com/p3z7e (page 2)

http://alturl.com/gob5i (page 3)

http://alturl.com/qrtic (page 4)

Day 7

IMG_0009.jpg - Windows Live (page 1)

http://alturl.com/a7cvc (page 2)

http://alturl.com/jy8w4 (page 3)

http://alturl.com/uh7z9 (page 4)

Have you been on an MSC cruise? Have you still got your Daily Cruise planner? If so we would be grateful if you could send us a copy to the freepost address below to help future cruisers

Cruise.co.uk, FREEPOST Mid 19993, George House, Bannerley Road, Birmingham B33 0BR