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Best Suites in the Ocean

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    the Q2 looks fantastic. We have been in a Q4 on QV and it was not as flash as this although we did enjoy most of the same perks, I think. We have just booked a grand suite on RCI Liberty of the seas, it will be interesting to see how it compares with Cunard although obviously we wont have ethe grills dining experience. Has anyone been in a grand suite I would be interested to hear details. I have heard that the standard cabins no longer provide decent toiletries so hope we get something ok to use in the suite. The reserved theatre seats will be useful, I think Cunard should provide somthing similar. We found the Canapes delivered to our suite every evening quite boring and not as good as the first time we sailed with them.


      Good Afternoon All,

      I did mention in my post that the comparison is based on the lead in suites. Therefore some of benefits that are being mentioned are only available on the higher category suites.

      I will take your comments onboard and do another comparison for the higher category suites.

      Jimmy the One & Only
      Jimmy the One & Only
      Cruises.co.uk Community Manager


        We have not had a suite on Azura, but have on other P&O ships. All P&O ships offer:

        In suite dining served by the butler
        Priority embarkation
        Priority disembarkation
        Priority tenders



          Suites P&O & RC

          We've cruised twice on Azura (P&O) and Ind. of the Seas (RC).

          P&O had far better priority embarkation than RC - we were on board Azura within 10 mins of entering the arrivals area. We were guided by a member of staff throgh each step of the process and it was a great way to board.

          The suites themselves (entry level, but with all suite perks) were pretty similar although on Azura the bathroom was split into a toilet & sink, bath/shower arrangement which worked really well. Storage seemed similar but on IotS they laid it out better so it was far easier to get to the clothes.

          Concierge Lounge on IotS was great, with free canapes and alcohol every night from 5pm til after 8pm. This was far better than the single plate of canapes delivered by the concierge to our room on Azura - although the concierge lounge on IotS was without windows so there was no great view.

          Priority seating for the theatre on IotS was great. On IotS we were invited, with frequent cruisers, to a special ice show at which they served complimentary drinks. Nice touch.

          So the suites weren't a massive differentiator although next time I'd look for a line with a concierge lounge as this was far better than being visited by our concierge every day.


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