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Taxi sharing

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    Taxi sharing

    Because most cruise lines do not provide free shuttle buses from boat to town it seams to be sensible to share a taxi thus saving money and time. But its difficult to find sharers without holding up a board!!! How about the ship providing a taxi line for those who wish to share?


    We have sometimes got off the ship and while standing in a line waiting for a bus started chatting with passengers and asking do they want to share.

    It worked brilliantly in Bruge we shared with another couple and the taxi offered to pick us all up at a designated time and place.

    I can't see the cruise lines organising taxi's they want us to take an excursion or the shuttle. I can't see what is in it for them apart from passengers appreciating it of course...Carol


      Lesley and I did this in Dubrovnik. It was obvious who was heading to the taxi rank, so we ended up just asking another couple if they wanted to share. I'd imagine most people would be up for it.

      Same happened on the way back to the port. That said there were a lot of singles/couples getting taxis on their own, which I found a little frustration given the length of the queue.

      As Carol said, cruise lines are keen to push their expensive port transfers so I doubt they'll ever start advertising the services of a local taxi company. Well... unless they can sell it as a luxury private transfer and slap on a 200%+ markup!
      Duncan S

      See my blog!


        I think in some countries the taxi cannot off the sharing service you have to get together first.

        So you don't see the vans like you do in US airports and ports offering ride shares

        crazy when you have people queuing to go to the same place and have no baggage so sharing is easy and quick.


          We've done this a few times via Roll Call site.

          Once from London to Soton and a couple of times private tours in people carriers (vans).



            I have organised shared taxi transfers particularly airport runs with others on a roll call. I always choose a company that require no upfront payment and make it clear to others that its a shared fare if one couple doesn't show. So far we have been very lucky and not encountered any problems.


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