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Cruiseline Journals?

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    Cruiseline Journals?

    Hi can you help me find where I can read cruise line "journals", past or present.

    I am interested to see the articles from the different cruises. Are they only given out to passengers on board .... I'd like to read these online if I can.

    Regent, Swan Hellenic, Celebrity, Azamara, Holland America..... anything like this I'd really like to read about

    thank you

    Hello and welcome.

    I usually pick one or two up from the cruise terminals.


      What is a cruise line "journals"?
      See my cruise blog: HERE


        Hi it is like a magazine but just for the cruiseline or ship. thank you


          Good Evening Yellowie,

          I have cruised since Neptune was a boy, but I cannot ever recall a journal being handed out post cruise.

          The internet is crawling with reviews of every cruise ship on the oceans, both professional and amateur, would these not suffice your needs?.............Wilba


            Hi yellowie! Welcome to the forum.

            If you get in contact with a cruise consultant (call the number at the top of the page, or email one of our consultants) you can request a brochure for a particular cruise line and we will send you one (or two) out!


              Originally posted by yellowie, Leicester View Post
              Hi it is like a magazine but just for the cruiseline or ship. thank you
              Do you mean a Brochure - you can pick these up at any high street travel agent.

              I am at a loss as to what a Journal is. Years ago the Cruise Lines used to hand out a 'Log of your Cruise' at then end but I think they stopped doing this long time ago.


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