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  • Mariers2, Rushden
    started a topic Innoculations


    When we travel we are advised to have any innoculations necessary for different places.

    Is there any country which insists on visitors being innoculated before being allowed into their country, in an attempt to reduce the possibility of anyone starting an epidemic, rather like typhoid Mary in history?

    Would it be legal to insist on it prior to entry?

  • Topdeck, London
    Is there any country which insists on visitors being inoculated before being allowed into their country

    Although generally most UK travelers won't come across required vaccinations there are restrictions in place people need to be aware of.

    One you have to look out for is Yellow fever.

    This is required for quite a few places all travelers and a longer list you have traveled to or transit through an at risk country/airport prior to the visit.

    for example here are some very specific country restrictions.

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  • tuggy, warminster
    Every Country has the Legal right to deny entry to anyone/Any Ship/Aircraft that they suspect could be carrying a Contagious Disease that includes those that have been Inoculated / Vaccinated for they may be Carriers but immune .

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