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    Is There an answer?

    Just lately when I've been looking at a site for information, a message appears saying I am using an ad blocker, and it wants me to disable it or register and will not let me look at the site.

    They all say they are not invasive, but I just don't like having adverts continually thrust at me for things I do not want to purchas.

    Are there any sites that will let me look at them without having to clear my browsing history,which I have been advised to do?

    Depends what you are looking for if you want someone to offer suggestions,

    you could create a throwaway email to register for these sort of sites.

    With a bit of work it may be possible to adjust the add blocking to still not display but the site thinks it is.

    This site does a load of tracking but let's you block it.
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      I use Kaspersky Internet Security on my PC. This incorporates an ad blocker on which you can allow ads for individual sites. This particular page is attempting to collect data from 29 sources comprised of Social networks 6 attempts...Web analytics 4 attempts...Web beacons 7 attempts and Ad agencies 12 attempts. They are all blocked but the site still works.


        Thank you for the comments; now I have two answers.


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