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One for the Ladies - do you wish no make up was the norm?

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    I use a tinted moisturiser and a light dusting of mineral powder on my face plus mascara to give my eyes some definition. As a glasses wearer I suppose eye makeup is wasted. The one thing I find awful is the current trend to have great heavy eyebrows. Mine are naturally a good shape and I never need to pluck or colour. Some girls I see have done themselves no favours with great caterpillars as eyebrows!


      Thank you all for your replies. So interesting to read what people do. I know I look much better with the full make-up but feel as you get older you become more 'invisible' so does it really matter. Friends have said they get 'noticed' more, better service in shops etc., when 'made up' and dressed well. I like my skin to have a 'rest' too several days a week.

      I too have girlfriends who plucked their eyebrows to nothing when younger and now they have to draw in their eyebrows every day, bad mistake, glad I didn't do that one.

      I think it was Revlon who said all the selfies taken these days have caused sales of make up to rise significantly...maybe that is a good thing.

      A friend who was a make up artist at the BBC used to say seeing people going up on the tube to London, she couldn't understand why women didn't put on just eye shadow, blusher and lipstick so they didn't look so pale in the mornings, just a few minutes makes all the difference.


        Always wear primer, foundation and powder. Then eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and mascara. Nothing very heavy, but I'd feel naked otherwise.
        Not keen on lippy during the day.


          Would never go out without make up, always have mascara and eye liner, foundation, blusher and lipstick .
          Full make up on a normal day, tho just basics (mascara ) while doing the early dog walk.


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