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Did I mention I was in a band?

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    Originally posted by Dave, Whitstable View Post
    I've been away from the forum for nearly four months now because, as I said at the time, I was losing interest (tipping / smoking / animosity), but with our next cruise only eight weeks away I've started thinking about cruising again. Actually, it'll be our honeymoon - we're getting married a couple of days before and have treated ourselves to a premier suite on Balmoral .

    But back to the band... I'm on the right playing bass. We were called Greenhill and were together a few years before breaking up in inevitable rock band acrimony.

    We didn't play many gigs, but we recorded 59 original songs (including the one in the video) and I thought the time had come to give them an airing. I've set up a band page on SoundClick (SoundClick artist: Greenhill (UK) - page with MP3 music downloads) where the songs can be heard for free if anyone's interested :o.

    Welcome back Dave as others have said you have been missed, Don't suppose you could get a gig on Breamar carribean 17.03.11 could you the entertainment could do with you to liven it up a bit:D


      Evening Dave & welcome back,

      There was I primed for the revelation that you hadn't been avoiding us you'd just been off doing a sell out tour of the former eastern bloc or some such because of your title, but no you were just bored :p

      At the moment the topics all seem to have gravitated towards food rather than fighting (well for today anyway)

      Hope you are well, congrats on the upcoming nuptials & see you in the Cyber Bar for our 10,000 member celebrations ~ Spartans DJing BTW

      We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.sigpic


        Thanks everyone for your kind words...

        ...they're greatly appreciated.

        Since this is in the 'off-topic' area I thought I'd do an update on HMS Victory. Some time ago, someone asked whether anyone had subscribed to the DeAgostini HMS Victory kit (following their TV ads) and I admitted I had. This is how it looks as of today...

        The hull is easy...

        ...but the tiny items such as canons are really fiddly! As you can see, I'm currently building the ship's launch.

        The ship will be BIG - it's already 30" long!



          Hi Dave, that was me! and I have to say I am really impressed with the progress so far. Keep us updated, especially when the sea trials start..Carol


            Dave, What happened to your other Ship - the Virtual ship you were building in cyber land?


              Hi Dave , Glad you are back. I did ask on the forum if anyone knew where you were, Sparton assured us you were ok. The same subjects are still popping up, the band sounds great, congratulations for your forth coming marriage.
              Last edited by cornish girl, falmouth; 10th June 2010, 05:48 PM.


                Hi Dave, Welcome back. As others have said your input was missed. I'm a Fred fan too, although I've only been on Boudicca once, but I'm sailing on her again in August. Best Wishes for your marriage and your Balmoral trip.


                  Originally posted by Bradbury, Coventry View Post
                  Dave, What happened to your other Ship - the Virtual ship you were building in cyber land?
                  It's a bit of a sad story. The amount you can create in Second Life depends on how much you are prepared to spend each month. I finished the 'life-sized' rear quarter of Black Watch,

                  but ran out of 'building blocks'. So I sent Fred Olsen a full account of what I'd done and waxed lyrical about the potential of virtual worlds in the hope they might be interested in supporting further work. Of course, my efforts were completely ignored . Oh well, it was fun while it lasted... !


                    as I said on an other thread 'welcome back Dave'. Good luck with the forthcomming wedding and honeymoon. but do try to see some of the ports, bars, food and entertainment not just the inside of your plush cabin. :D ;)
                    don't want to work, just want to cruise.


                      I like Nirvana band. It is mine favorite..


                        thats cool and great performer dave


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