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A Festival in a day

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    A Festival in a day

    Yesterday Mrs S and I headed off early for London. We had tickets for BBC Radio 2's 'A Festival in a day', live in Hyde Park.

    Mrs SR is the big Radio 2 fan in the house, it's reasonable background music to my ears so yes, I had a mild interest.

    Our early arrival placed us reasonably near the front of the admission queue, we were under starters orders as we awaited the 'off' at 11.30

    The early start to the day paid dividends as we eyed a good spot near the Main Stage...

    Got it, pretty well a prime position...

    First act up was Treacherous Orchestra...

    Followed by Simple Minds, whose lead singer Mrs SR thought was about my age ...

    As the afternoon wore on so the bigger names appeared including Jamie Cullum...


    ...and the Welsh Band, Manic Street Preachers...

    Early even we moved our pitch so that Mrs SR could see one of Chris Evans' favourite new up and coming acts, Emma Stevens. We got that right as well, slotting nicely into the front row of the BBC's 'Introducing' stage, off to one side of the Park...

    Obviously the BBC is not averse to a bit of class, and I couldn't help noticing their equivalent of the Grills...

    Not a bad life for the privileged...

    While the poor steerage class had to endure extra long queues for their beer...

    ...and pay £4.50 a pint for the privilege.

    The usual radio 2 presenters were there, including Vanessa Feltz and Jeremy Vine...

    Other favourites who appeared included Jack Johnson, Josh Groban, James Blunt, Jessie J and the headliner, Smokey Robinson.

    Altogether an excellent day out for an admission price for the two of us just fractionally more than half the TV Licence Fee. Neither did we baulk at the £7.00 for the 'hang around your neck' programme...

    Festivals have come a long way since my first some 43 years ago when, as a young sailor based at Yeovilton Air Station in Somerset, we sailors hit the Shepton Mallet Festival. Those were the days, Santana and Led Zeppelin.

    You little raver you.........SWMBO had it on in the kitchen most of the day, so Sunday lunch had 2 more courses than usual.


      we were there too,loved vanessa and jeremy introducing the act together,alot of food and drinks overpriced but a good day out


        "Followed by Simple Minds, whose lead singer Mrs SR thought was about my age ..."

        Not sure if that was a back handed compliment or an insult Richard, Jim Kerr is 54 years of age.


          Oh Richard
          We just missed you - we were in Hyde Park the weekend before. Would have been nice seeing you. They were erecting the stage etc while we were there. Glad you enjoyed the show. LINDA
          Greenaway, Cheshire


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