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Songs and places!

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    On Indy a few years back, we were at the Schooner bar and got chatting to the group who were singing Beach Boys songs later that evening in the theatre. On learning my name, they all stood up and sang Barbara Ann a cappella to me. It was great and makes me smile every time I hear that song.


      Reading about the tour guides, I am sure some of the companies have fixed songs that are played to tourists. On a great boat trip off our anchored ship in Sardinia a scenic sail round the coast, a swim in urchin infested waters (ouch) a boozy on board lunch, our skipper a great Sardinian... proceeded to sail round the ship blasting out and encouraging us to sing 'Rock the boat' to which we got extremely disdainful looks from the bridge. We were uncertain whether they thought we were suitable to let back on board. But we love it don't we? Loving your stories so far

      sigpic*Carol M*


        I was in a choir which used to journey out to our twin town in Germany every other year.
        On this occasion, we were flying from Manchester, when the captain announced that there was a choir on board, and in one minute he was coming to hear us sing.
        There was quite a panic, until we decided on Louis Armstrong's "Wonderful World"
        The captain arrived- we sang... and then he said he'd just call his colleague to hear us.
        The other officer appeared- we sang... and then one of our older ladies who could see the empty cockpit yelled "Who's flying this thing?"
        We collapsed into laughter... the officers said they didn't know who was flying it, and a bit of panic broke out with one or two members...
        I always remember that moment when I hear the song.


          Hi all
          Remember these,,,The Stone Roses.
          Its 30 years ago today they played a massive gig in my town,,the town was pandemonium.
          Never went to the gig,bit young for me at 42 yo at the time.
          Live 2 miles from Spike Island and everyone sat in their gardens listening to the music.


          C P Scott,,,,,"Comment is Free,,but Facts are Sacred"
          "You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.


            Windjammer bearfoot cruises

            Amazing Grace


              The Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin. Us three lads (18yo & 2 17yo) on our first jolly abroad (Arenal, Majorca). Played it non-stop (and loud) on the pool juke box!




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