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    Originally posted by Smith7 View Post
    We all get scam calls at times but we are being bombarded with scam calls every day recently. Most of them are purporting to be BT checking our internet connection.

    I have tried being polite by telling them that we don't have a BT connection; OH answered and put on a mock frightened voice saying 'Oh no what should I do?' the answer from them being 'Go Die'. I've told them to GO AWAY (not those words exactly) and I've tried just hanging up. The calls from 'BT' continue however and from different numbers. The only similarity is that all the callers sound as if they are in a call centre somewhere on the Indian subcontinent.

    I don't really want to set up a call screening facility because I know it can be a pain for genuine callers.

    Is anyone else having a similar problem?
    We mainly seem to get them on a Friday. Most common is Amazon Prime which we don't have. Microsoft ad well. I just hang up.


      Several years ago we bought a BT phone (Truecall) that screens all numbers before the landline actually rings. You can enter a list of contacts that you want and they will come straight through. Other contacts are required to state who they are and then we have the chance to accept or reject. We can then add that contact to the accept list. We have never had a cold call since as they won't announce themselves. A couple of family members will only ring the landline, apart from them, we don't get calls on it as we mainly use our mobiles. There are probably more up to date versions now.



        Internet signed calls get picked up and put down again if the phone is handy or it goes to answerphone and the caller hangs up. Bit of a problem with caller withheld as some very reputable institutions use this so we have learnt not to be so short with these.
        Husband won't have any kind of caller preference or whatever the system is called as we have such diverse calls. Grimace and bear it!

        Love the Amazon Prime calls. Fabulous skills to phone us as they don't have my phone number!


          We have been getting a lot of calls and mobile texts from HSBC alerting us to the fact that someone has been using our card fraudulently.

          Do not and have not had any HSBC product.


            Our prerecorded scan is fron Amazon Prime, thanking us for renewing our membership and saying we will be robbed of £79. End of call.


              We gave up our land line because all we seemed to get were junk calls. This is Service Canada, your Social Insurance, or Health Card has been compromised ..... Unfortunately we started getting similar calls on our mobiles. Husband realized yesterday that since the situation in India became serious, we haven’t had one call. Maybe the call centres have been closed down, probably temporarily. We hear that many new Canadians have been caught by these scams. They probably don’t realize that Service Canada wouldn’t ask for payment in Amazon gift cards.



                Apart from TPS, we have now signed up with our landline provider for a facility that only accepts our listed call numbers. All calls that are not on the list we provided have to go through a call check procedure. Strangely enough, today is the first time this week that we haven't had any scam calls.
                Fingers crossed.


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