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Are you a sweet or savoury person?

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    Originally posted by Lizzie, Lymington View Post
    Very much a savoury person! Cheese is a large part of my diet and my downfall! Home and away, especially a really good English strong, nutty cheddar or a French cheese such as Époisses, just delicious!

    Desserts, not too bothered, although I can be tempted by Crêpe Suzette cooked in lots of liqueur at the table! At home, not often, mainly just fresh fruit!
    Me to Lizzie, I enjoy more savoury than sweet, I adore cheeses and fruit but just like you and I can be tempted by a Crepe Suzette CG


      I love the old school puds- comes from eating with the school kids for years, I think....G. would give his last £10 for an apple crumble and custard, although the serving on NCL Jade with caramel sauce didn't appeal.....
      But now, we're more or less sugar free; there's a packet in the cupboard for our plumber, who takes 3 teaspoons in his coffee, and some digestive biscuits for unexpected visitors, but otherwise nothing.....
      I'll probably indulge in a creme caramel or 2 on my cruise, and have been known to pour syrup on my porridge, ....


        Definitely savoury! Chocolate leaves a nasty taste in my mouth so I would never choose that on a dessert menu. Even when having afternoon tea I might sample the fruit cake but always finish with a sandwich. I will make exception though for Crepe Suzette, Cherries Jubilee and Bananas Foster when flambéd at the table in Cunard Grills. Alas these days I can't afford Princess Grill but I live on my memories. X


          For years I have had a problem with eating anything sweet. If I have a chocolate bar,sweet biscuit,sweet pudding I suffer for it with what you may call a "ring of fire"!! So the chocolate stays in the fridge for her and I make do with a bag of crisps. Cruise food has to be the savoury selection and hold the sweet cakes!!


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