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Green Tea

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    Originally posted by granddaddy, worksop View Post
    I don't drink green tea, but I do drink ordinary tea black no sugar. What difference in the two?
    Judging by Garfields post...SPAM!


      My computer must like it then Mrs M. It collects quite a lot of it.........John


        Yes, No question that natural tea is very good for health and health and fitness, it burns fat and keeps us fit and effective. But know that "excess of everything is bad", so don't over use it. Teas can be dangerous for your body muscle tissue if you too much of it. So only use 1 cup per day if you wan to decrease some weight, totally no more than that.


          How on earth can a cup of tea- of any colour- burn off fat? Our hospital dieticians would love to understand the chemistry, as they'd then have no problems dealing with obesity.
          You'd be better off with a plate of SPAM as usual.....


            Actually I have only ever shed a few pounds once in the past and I got gastroenteritis and missing 50 percent a week. Nothing reduces body weight but there again I am not over body weight so that is excellent to be fixed. Green tea for me is an excellent consume and I experience very well on it and I look ten decades young.

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