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Healthy food

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    As we're finding out more and more, our bodies did not evolve to take much refined sugar.....it's a fairly recent invention in the history of homo sapiens. We were severely rationed during/after the war, and there was little obesity.
    We forget about how we evolved. It was brought home to me when our dog, an adopted farm collie, was diagnosed with a wheat allergy. Seeing our surprise, the vet mentioned that a dog's system may not yet have evolved to take refined food.
    We're still evolving, and not using the best foods.
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      That's all well and good but what about Spam?


        That all appears to be like a stability of proteins, carbohydrates, body fat and resources of nutritional supplements to me supposing there is some healthy salad in the food. It's just the amounts which may be out of stability..

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          Are you ready, Garfield?.......


            So where is the proof about salt,I love salt with everything and lots of it and I am still perambulating at a modest pace.



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