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Is your favourite British dish on its way out?

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    Originally posted by mags, cardiff View Post
    Love black pudding. Cant stand Eton mess, its the meringue that I dislike in any shape or form, way too sweet.
    The Scottish dishes of cranachan and haggis, yes, both yum.

    Lets hear it for Welsh cakes and cawl (much like Irish stew), both things that we had regularly at home but I dont seem to have the knack of cooking them. Confession - I buy Welsh cakes.

    Yorkshire pudding is OK, I ll eat it when out but never think to make it.

    I loathe liver, even the sight and smell makes me heave. We used to have it at home, not that I ever ate it. My OH likes it, as did my late parents. It became a ritual that when they came to stay with us my mother would buy and cook liver for one meal so that the OH, and they, could have it - I think she thought he was deprived!
    We lived in West Wales for 18 years beforre moving to Spain so I regularly made cawl and I still make Welsh cakes now. We were quite poor when I was growing up so had a lot of dishes made from cheap cuts of meat, and we regularly have liver and onions, which we both love. Paternal grandfather was a gamekeeper, so partridge and pheasant were sometimes on the menu for his family, and shhhh....keep this under your hat....according to family lore, swan was known to have appeared on the table.


      Originally posted by All at sea, Yorks View Post
      OH also enjoys eating black pudding, I think it comes from M&S. i’m not a fan so he cooks it himself.

      But one food my family intoduced to him which he loved was (fresh) laver bread. We had it regularly from the market with sausages and mash.. I was always told it was very good for you! No idea how popular it is now........
      I didnt think of laverbread. Probably because we very rarely have it at home.

      It is very regional, common in the Swansea area where they still gather and prepare the seaweed. I think it is something you love or wouldnt touch, possibly because the raw stuff isnt the prettiest thing. I love it, I lived in Swansea for a time. If we are that way I have been known to buy some in the market.

      As you say Fresh laverbread. I have seen it in tins, at a price, but it doesnt seem like the real thing to me and I have never bought one.

      I have never heard of having it with sausage and mash. The usual way is to fry it up with bacon.

      Interestingly, whenever I go to an Italian retsuarant here I always have their homemade laverbread pizza.



        Have no idea what I am having for my evening meal until my wife serves it up, she has no access to this forum and neither do we discuss it’s contents.

        However tonight she made one of my favourite British meals (I don’t cook) as I have mentioned on a previous post, bubble and squeak made with fried mash and onions plus cabbage left over from yesterdays chicken roast ( M&S Oakland Chicken), served with grilled pork sausages and bacon rashers plus plenty of gravy, all washed down with a glass of Pinot.👍😎
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          O. M. G. All I can say folks is that I think Offal is Awful. Bleauch! Yuck a doo! Eeeuuurrrggghhh! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮

          Give me a nice roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes with carrots and broccoli and I’m a happy bunny. If it happens to be followed by my daughters sticky toffee pudding , so much the better. I also make a pretty good trifle as well as Eaton mess.

          Take care. Helen 🍨


            I like lambs liver, but that is the only offal I eat. OH likes black pudding and haggis, but it's not for me. I eat most other types of food and if eating out, tend to favour Italian and French.



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