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Hubby was 60

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    Hubby was 60

    Hi Every one

    My other half has just celebrated his 60th birthday, we had our family cruise as part of his celebrations, and I was trying to think of something different for him to do, he didn't want a party.

    I arranged (with help) for a professional dart player Steve West (He got to the quarter finals of the World championship 2017) to come down to his local club, and for his darts team to be there. All a surprise, his face was a picture.
    Also an up and coming dart player called Jarred Cole came too.

    Steve West even got a 9 darter on the night which wowed every one. Also raised £100 for Isabel Hospice.
    Fantastic night and something a bit different......................................... ........................Carol



      Fantastic idea. He's obviously living well as he looks nowhere near 60!
      Happy Birthday.


        Originally posted by Mrs M View Post
        Fantastic idea. He's obviously living well as he looks nowhere near 60!
        Happy Birthday.
        Every one has said that to him, he's really chuffed .................................................. ...........Carol


          I think it is great when you can think of something a bit unusual and especially something close to his heart. I hope you got some photo's of his surprised face.

          Was he amazed you had kept it all a secret and had managed to organise the players ?..Carol


            Great idea, sounds as though you had a very successful evening, bet he was chuffed even more so with a 9 darter being achieved on the night.

            Think I have mentioned not sure if it was to you or your hubby, I used to be secretary of a local darts team and played league darts, not to the standard of your hubby though. Many years since I last threw a competive dart.
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              What a fantastic idea! Happy Belated Birthday to him! 🎂
              Duncan S

              See my blog!


                What a fabulous treat for him Carol- well done for arranging it. I know how much he loves the game of darts and how good he is too.

                I agree that he doesn't look his age but you know what they say.......... Behind every man is a good woman (or something like that). You have obviously taken great care of him.


                  Hi Carol, it looks like Pete enjoyed his birthday celebrations.

                  You can relax a bit now 😀
                  BIG SHIPS, little ships, small world


                    What a great idea, look like he had a wonderful time !

                    He certainly looks much younger. Happy belated Borthday wishes.


                      What a lovely surprise for your hubby!
                      Our son is a keen dart player, he and friends have been to Blackpool every summer for 11 years, also to Dublin and Ally Pally in London...
                      He has a big photo collage at his house, of him, with such as Phil Taylor, Adrian Lewis, James Wade, Barneveld, Wayne Mardle, Van Gerwin..

                      We so enjoy watching the darts too, tho we have never played ourselves.
                      We have loved watching when he was at Blackpool PDC darts... as he always got a good table and we could see him on TV... usually over one of the players shoulders. He seems to have stopped going as much now tho.

                      I remember his first time to the Winter Gardens at Blackpool... He was 18.. Came home in a Phil 'the Power' Taylor shirt, red with white collar, had it signed... Next morning, being a mum... I washed it... Also turned the collar pink ...!
                      Last edited by Tracey, East Yorkshire; 11th February 2018, 09:29 PM.


                        Congratulations- to him on his birthday, and to you for arranging this extra special treat.
                        What a lovely couple you are. xx


                          Originally posted by Jocap, Cumbria View Post
                          Congratulations- to him on his birthday, and to you for arranging this extra special treat.
                          What a lovely couple you are. xx
                          Awww thank you, we do try .................................................. ..............Carol


                            Well that's certainly different for a birthday surprise, You should be really pleased with your idea !! Its dens 70th in July and we are on holiday for it (land not cruise!) and I haven't a clue what to get him, Better get my thinking cap on pronto !! Jan.


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